Now you can enjoy one of the best urban electric bikes without suddenly going bankrupt

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The Iweech brand offers its two models of electric bicycles for long-term rental, for variable prices depending on the duration of the commitment. We consider this urban model as one of the best in its segment.

Source: Anthony Wonner – Frandroid

Tested in November 2021 by frandroidThe Iweech electric bike had simply won us over: between its compact and practical design, its formidable torque, its excellent brakes, its belt drive, its ultra-powerful headlights or its good range, this model met all the requirements of an excellent sports car. urban VAE.

For those most interested, however, a small obstacle could stand in their way: the price of 2,950 euros, which is clearly not within everyone’s reach. Meanwhile, the young company from Marseille has launched an even more successful version, the Iweech 24″ S+, equipped with an automatic gearbox and sold for 4,190 euros.

Enjoy it without suddenly breaking the bank

To make its range more attractive, the manufacturer has decided to set up a long-term rental offer, our colleagues mobivises. The idea is simple: depending on the duration of the commitment, the model is available in exchange for a higher or lower monthly amount. A way to enjoy it without spending 3000 euros at once.

Source: Anthony Wonner – Frandroid

The most affordable in the catalogue, the Iweech 24″ S, is available at the following monthly rates:

  • 12-month commitment: €179.10/month, that is, €2,149 after one year;
  • 24-month commitment: €107.20/month, or €2,572 over two years;
  • 36-month commitment: €83.80/month, that is, €3,016 after three years;
  • 48-month commitment: €67.70/month, €3,249 at 4 years.

The official site specifies that a deposit of 219 euros must be paid before the rental. It is appropriate, therefore, to add this amount to the total cost. Of course, be careful: we have started a rent simulation, and the first rent requested for a year of rent rises to 398.10 euros. It is gradually decreasing for the other formulas. Therefore, there remains an inconsistency.

As you can see, two years of rent correspond more or less to the cost price of the electric bike -if we add a first rent of 326 euros- for a price that competes with certain services specifically dedicated to renting.

A purchase option at the end

For example, Dance charges 79 euros per month for its Dance One model, while Swapfiets asks for 64.90 or 109.90 euros per month, depending on the model. On the other hand, a small annotation particularly changes the situation in favor of the Iweech model.

The site says:At the end of the rental period, you have the option to extend the rental or stop the rental and return the bike. However, if you wish, it will also be possible to buy the bike back.“. More than a long-term rental, it is actually a rental with an option to buy.

Source: Anthony Wonner – Frandroid

However, no precision is written about the pricing mechanism applied during a purchase after rental. We contacted the brand to find out more about it. Also, what if a customer wants to stop their rental after 8 months, without honoring the 12-month commitment? Again, no information is given, even if the General Rental Conditions (CGL) indicate a penalty of 10% of the remaining rent to be paid.

help to lower grade

Finally, it should be noted that this type of rental is eligible for the Sustainable Mobility Package available in companies. The Government site recalls that this aid can reach up to 800 euros per year. On his site, Iweech relies on an annual aid of 700 euros.

Applying it, the basic model costs 120.77 euros per month for a one-year lease, 48.87 euros per month for a two-year lease, 25.47 euros per month for a three-year lease and 8.67 euros. per month for a four-year lease. lease per year. In other words, the offer becomes more interesting.

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