No, the Pixel Watch still does not take advantage of this feature of Fitbit watches

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While some users may have discovered a history of their irregular heartbeat notifications in the Fitbit app, this isn’t related to the Pixel Watch.

The Google Pixel Watch pour illustration
The Google Pixel Watch for illustration // Source: Chloé Pertuis for Frandroid

At the launch of the Pixel Watch last September, Google introduced its connected watch as the first device of its kind, as well as the most premium watch ever designed by the Fitbit teams. However, the smartwatch benefited, at its launch, from some shortcomings compared to the latest watches from the brand specializing in activity trackers.

This was especially the case for low or high heart rate notifications outside of training sessions, automatic detection of the start, pause and end of exercises, swimming stroke analysis, stress notification or notifications irregular heart rate.

Also, on the Pixel Watch page, Google compares its watch’s capabilities to the Fitbit Sense 2 and Fitbit Versa 4 by stating that the Google Pixel Watch doesn’t support irregular heartbeat notification, unlike the two recent watches. from Fitbit. It must be said that, to take advantage of it, the watch is supposed to integrate an electrocardiogram, since it is this sensor that will allow the irregularity of cardiac activity to be analyzed. However, if this is the case with the Pixel Watch, it is not used to detect cardiac arrhythmias.

A story that has nothing to do with the Pixel Watch

However, according to the site 9to5GoogleSeveral users have indicated, in recent days, that they have received a screen within the Fitbit app that appears to highlight the irregular heartbeat notifications feature. This page aimed to not only explain how this feature works, but also to find the latest received notifications of this type.

If the doubt remained for a few days, Google finally took the floor to explain that it was simply an error. as reported 9to5Googlethe firm has confirmed that irregular heart rate notifications will not be available on the Pixel Watch.

So showing this menu is just a history of previous notifications and won’t allow new notifications to show, at least not with the Pixel Watch. “Even if you view this page, don’t expect to receive irregular heartbeat notifications while wearing your Pixel Watch.”accurate 9to5Google.

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