No, the Citroën Ami is not dangerous… as long as you use it correctly

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An accident that took place this weekend in Monaco raises staggering concerns about the safety of the Citroën Ami, which would roll over rather quickly if the footage is to be believed. But rest assured, your children don’t risk much aboard the electric city car, as long as they use it correctly.

If you usually hang out on social media, you’ve no doubt seen the amazing video that swept the web this weekend. It shows a Citroën Ami speeding through the streets of Monaco, before turning around one of the principality’s most famous bends. Images that have been shared thousands of times and have entertained Internet users around the world. But then, is the urban electric car a public danger?

dangerous behavior

It is true that if we believe the images, we could legitimately think that the electric quad, which can be driven without a license from the age of 14, is not necessarily very safe. Indeed, the center of gravity is quite high and the wheels of the car are very small, which obviously does not benefit road holding. But from there to say that the vehicle is really dangerous?

In fact, when you watch the video a little more closely, you quickly realize that it’s not all the car’s fault. In fact, and as several videos published by various bodybuilders showing the scene from different angles, lthe driver is not there at all then.

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Those present at the scene of the accident saw the vehicle make several round trips at a speed not suitable for this curve, which would be the slowest on the Monaco F1 circuit. On several occasions, the machine even found itself on three wheels, already on the brink of tragedy. Earlier, the driver had even tried to make a drift on the handbrake.

Suffice it to say that this day had every chance of ending badly for him. This is how in his last pass, at a speed probably excessive, the car finally overturned. The driver and his 22-year-old companion were treated by firefighters, without deploring any other injuries in this accident, according to reports monaco morning.

No risk in theory

With all this information in mind and thanks to the many videos posted by those present, it is now certain that this accident is not due to car failure. In fact, it is the driver who is at fault here, when he really seemed to be looking for the limits of the vehicle.

If it may seem surprising to you that the car, which you can discover in the Frandroid test, rolled over while braking at 45 km/h, it is enough to look at the curve of the curve to see that the speed is equally inadequate. It is also very possible that the car went over 45 km/h downhill.

Furthermore, and as recalled numeral, the cases of Citroën Ami lying in roundabouts that have been caught speeding are relatively common. That is why the city car is limited in terms of power and maximum speed, which allows you to drive without a B license. As a reminder, quads, such as the Microlino Lite, the Xev Yoyo and the Mobilize Duo, are limited to 6 kW, or 8 horsepower.

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So with your top speed less than 50km/h and its small 5.5 kW battery that offers a range of only 75 kilometers according to the WLTP cycle, the Citroën Ami is limited to urban use only. However, Citroën is rumored to be developing a more powerful version, which requires a driver’s license.

But in any case, it is not about trying to break speed records on a circuit. An investigation is currently underway, while the driver was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The car was impounded.

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