No matter the price increase, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is off to a good start

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According to Samsung, the Galaxy S23 Ultra accounted for 60% of the pre-orders registered between February 1 and 16. And this despite the increasingly higher prices from one year to the next.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra is the most successful phone ever made by Samsung. Journalistic reviews are enthusiastic and agree that it is the best Android smartphone on the market. Design, screen, software experience, autonomy, photography, performance: everything is there.

60% of pre-orders

So is it surprising to see it monopolize Samsung’s pre-order ranking? In any case, this is what the Korean manufacturer claims in a blog post, according to which the S23 Ultra accounted for 60% of pre-orders between February 1 and 16. The vanilla and Plus version split the rest of the cake.

If the market leader doesn’t communicate precise figures, it claims that pre-orders for the S23 were better than those for the S22… which were also better than those for the S21. Bottom line: For at least two generations, Samsung has always done better from year to year in terms of pre-orders.

Price increases that do not calm the ardor

However, it would have been easy to predict otherwise in this new 2023 vintage, given the steep price hikes applied to the range. The S23 Ultra, for example, launched at €1,419 in its minimum 256GB configuration, compared to €1,359 for the S22 Ultra. That is a gap of 60 euros. Worse still: last year’s 128 GB version – which no longer exists this year – cost 1,259 euros.

In short, this difference can be considered low given the price scale in which the Ultra model is positioned. For a client who wants to get it at all costs, 60 euros more may not constitute a great psychological obstacle.

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