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Along with the OnePlus 11, Buds Pro 2, and its first touchscreen tablet, OnePlus introduced… a mechanical keyboard. Dedicated to office automation rather than games, it brings small touches of red.

Le OnePlus with 81 Pro // Source: OnePlus

This Tuesday, February 7, the Cloud 11 conference took place, during which OnePlus officially presented OnePlus 11, OnePlus Buds Pro 2 and OnePlus Pad, its first touchscreen tablet. On top of that, we were treated to a mechanical keyboard: the OnePlus with 81 Pro.

A customizable mechanical keyboard

The argument used by the brand to highlight this new product is that it has been ” Co-created with the OnePlus online communityof your comments. Specialized keyboard manufacturer Keychron is also in on the game, particularly in connectivity to make the Featuring 81 Pro compatible with macOS, Windows, Linux, and other operating systems. On the back of the keyboard is a USB-C port, a switch to switch from Windows to macOS mode, and another to switch from wireless (Bluetooth) to wired mode.

Le OnePlus with 81 Pro // Source: OnePlus

The keyboard is equipped with keys called “marble-mauve», «that use a proprietary thermoplastic elastomer to produce a springy rebound with each keystroke to provide users with optimal comfort and functionality.»First, at least two versions would be available, with keys in different levels of gray. A keyboard designed for office automation more than for gaming apparently.

A OnePlus with 81 Pro with custom wheel and buttons

In the features, there are the function keys, but also the scroll keys and to return to a house (key represented by a house), as well as a transparent wheel, which could be used to scroll a page or modify the volume.

The steering wheel of the OnePlus Featuring 81 Pro // Source: OnePlus

On the design side, we are entitled to an aluminum body in order to have a light and robust product. The currency “never settlefrom OnePlus is present in the lower part of the body, which is not so absurd. In fact, you can simply lift the keyboard up and hold it on the top edge thanks to a rising bar. On top of that, the “ScarfIt is actually the logo of the brand.

Le OnePlus with 81 Pro // Source: OnePlus

At the moment we have very little information about the OnePlus with 81 Pro, but “its availability and price will be available in the coming weeks“He said the brand.

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