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Oppo took advantage of MWC 2023 to present its second model of connected glasses, unfortunately without any marketing forecast. The concept is still basic, but it fits into what seems to be the strong trend of the show.

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Connected glasses is a term that is translated in many ways from one manufacturer to another. This is normal, the market is still in its infancy and is still concentrating on finding the concepts that will allow it to take off.

If Xiaomi unveiled feature-packed glasses at the opening of MWC 2023, Oppo for its part is taking advantage of the event to present a more minimalist interpretation. Once placed on the nose, the Oppo Air Glass 2 is fully manipulated with a small slide on its left branch. A simple button is also used to turn them on and return to the “home screen” so to speak, which in my brief test resulted in the time display.

A promise in the air

In Oppo Air Glass 2 there is the word air. Don’t hesitate to follow frandroid in the networks for further detailed analyses. More seriously, the concept is clear: light glasses. And from what we’ve seen, Oppo has pulled the idea in every sense of the word.

Already on the nose, the glasses are barely felt with their weight of 38 g. So the look, while not suiting all body types, is inevitably reminiscent of Ray Bans. What is more easily forgotten.

The experience is also light. Don’t necessarily expect these glasses to replace your smartphone, they don’t have the capabilities. And that may be its strength. In a green interface, visible directly on the lenses of the glasses, we calmly navigate through a handful of applications. This ranges from very simple things like playing music (there are speakers on the branches) to showing the weather, going through more complex elements like reading a text with the possibility of Commute in the branches

The Oppo Air Glass 2 doesn’t have an expected release date as of this writing, or even a purchase price.

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