Nissan embarks on the price war declared by Tesla

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Nearly a month later, Tesla’s incredible price cut is still having repercussions. Now it is Nissan’s turn to lower the price of its Ariya in China. Thus, the electric SUV loses more than the equivalent of 8,000 euros.

More than a month ago, Tesla drastically lowered the prices of its Model 3 and Model Y, up to 13,000 euros in just a few hours. An incredible drop for the brand, which is used to yo-yoing the prices of its cars and was struggling to sell its shares in China. So much so that a real price war has started in which more and more manufacturers are participating.

a hard fall

This is particularly the case with Nissan. The firm had not yet made a statement, unlike several manufacturers such as Renault, Volkswagen or Fisker, which refuse to lower their prices. But now he decided to act. As the Chinese site explains is homeIn fact, the Japanese manufacturer has in turn lowered the price of its Ariya.

He Electric SUV fell like this 60,000 yuan, which is equivalent to 8,178 euros according to the current exchange rate. A big drop, which then makes it accessible from 224,800 yuan, or around 30,641 euros. But beware, because this discount is only for chinese market. In France, part, as a reminder, of 50,800 euros. Therefore, you cannot opt ​​for the ecological bonus of 5,000 euros.

Ariya e-4ORCE test drive on snow slopes in Andorra for e-4ORCE all seasons

A price that was later revised upwards, while the SUV cost 46,400 euros when it was presented in March 2022, three years after the reveal of the eponymous concept at the Tokyo Motor Show. Thus, it could still claim government aid, which could soon be withdrawn for vehicles not assembled in Europe. Whether the French division plans to drop prices for the Ariya remains to be seen.

But Nissan is not the only brand that has made discounts only in China. This is also the case for Toyota, whose bZ4X lost the equivalent of 4,117 euros at the current exchange rate. The electric SUV that has a guarantee of up to one million kilometers starts with us from 46,900 euros, ecological bonus not discounted. But it is not delivered to France yet.

A true price war

But Nissan and Toyota aren’t the first automakers to react to Tesla’s price cuts. It was Xpeng who opened the dance, drastically lowering that of its P5 and P7 as well as its G3 SUV, from 2,700 to 4,900 euros depending on the model. The Vietnamese firm Vinfast did the same, announcing commercial offers on its models, and in particular its VF8 with still disappointing autonomy.

Lucid also announced a discount on its Air, but only for customers who opt for the long-term lease offer, while Ford decided to lower the price of its Mustang Mach-E. An amazing strategy, when the brand had not planned until then to reduce the price of its cars, but ratherincrease profits.

Ariya e-4ORCE test drive on snow slopes in Andorra for e-4ORCE all seasons

Instead, Several manufacturers continue to refuse to enter Tesla’s little game, starting with Volkswagen, although the firm has announced its intention to design its own propulsion system, in order to reduce costs. Therefore, it could positively affect customers. For its part, Renault has said that it does not want to lower the price of its cars to preserve its margin, although the brand could do so later, opting for smaller and cheaper batteries.

Chinese brands could also become even more competitive, as battery company CATL has launched an offer that allows them to benefit from a three-year fixed price for lithium. An interesting strategy, while the cost of this material continues to rise. Thus, Asian manufacturers could compete even better with Tesla, which could suffer one of the most difficult years in its history in 2023.

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