Netflix will offer live content and starts this weekend

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Netflix has confirmed that it is moving to streaming live events. If the service will be released to stand-up first, this opens up new prospects in the field of sports.

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The rumor had been doing the rounds for several months. It’s already confirmed: Netflix now launches the streaming of live content.

It was in a tweet published this Friday that the sVOD platform announced that it would now offer live broadcasts, such as on television or on Twitch.

So far, only one piece of content has been announced for this live stream. It will be a stand-up by the American comedian Chris Rock, broadcast on the night of Friday to Saturday, at 4 am.

Chris Rock will be the first to perform live on Netflix, on the occasion of a new stand-up. And it’s Saturday night, at 4 in the morning for the most awake.

— Netflix France (@NetflixFR) March 3, 2023

There is no word yet on what other shows will be covered by this new live feature.

sport in focus

Remember that Netflix is ​​not in its first attempt in its quest to get closer to television shows. The video-on-demand platform had already launched, last year, the function ” Straight “. This allows all subscribers who access to see the same content at the same time thanks to streaming. Now, the service goes further by broadcasting an event at the same time it occurs.

therefore this will be the case this weekend with the Chris Brown show, but it also opens up new perspectives for Netflix, particularly in the field of sports. The firm could thus take the same course as Amazon Prime Video for the broadcast of sports programs. Remember that the Amazon platform broadcasts not only the Ligue 1 programs live, but also the matches of Roland Guarros.

We know that Netflix has big ambitions in the field of sports and potentially in Formula 1. Ambitions in particular fueled by its documentary series. Formula 1: Drivers of your destiny.

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