Netflix is ​​enriched with a practical and welcome function that was so lacking in televisions

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It’s now possible to customize your subtitles in the Netflix TV app – good news for everyone, and especially for the visually impaired.

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If you love watching Netflix on your TV, you might really appreciate the new feature that has recently been released globally – customizing subtitles, which was previously not possible, as we’ve learned. TechCrunch.

There are a total of three caption sizes available: small, medium, and large. Different styles have also been introduced: white text on a black background, black text on a white background, yellow text on a black background, and drop shadow.

Practical in more ways than one

Rolling out worldwide since March 8, 2023, this feature is interesting in more ways than one. First of all, it allows you to better customize the subtitles according to the tastes and colors of each one. It is pure customization.

netflix subtitles
Source: Netflix via TechCrunch

Two, it can provide a relevant solution for visually impaired people. Maximizing closed captioning for nearsightedness is now entirely possible, especially if your TV is far from your couch.

a little recovery

To provide some context, TechCrunch mentions a study by Conviva, specialized in the analysis of transmission data. According to her, streaming content viewed on large screens, that is, televisions, accounted for 77% of the minutes broadcast worldwide in the first quarter of 2022.

Therefore, it makes sense to optimize the user experience on this type of device in view of the advanced figures. By the way, Netflix is ​​catching up with the competition, which already offers this type of option: from Prime Video to Disney+ through Paramount+, to name a few.

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