Mustache draws two amazing limited edition Rolls-Royce

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Available in a limited edition (250 copies each), the Mustache Samedi 29 Trail LTD and Samedi 29 Game LTD represent the most successful offering in their respective ranges. For the occasion, these two electric mountain bikes (VTTAE) feature the famous Bosch Performance Line CX Race Limited Edition motor.

Mustache Saturday 29
Source : Mustache

The French manufacturer Mustache has presented a new version of its electric mountain bikes (VTTAE) Saturday 29 Trail and 29 Game, the LTD, available in a limited edition of 250 copies per model. Before going into the technical details of its two jewels, let’s try to explain the few differences between the Trail and the Game range.

The Samedi 29 Game is more designed for enduro, that is, for types of descending terrain, with a position focused towards the rear of the bike. It also requires more riding commitment, as the Trail opts for a slightly more upright position due to its geometry.

The best motor from Bosch

For Mustache, their Trail range is aimed at both beginners and professionals. The fact is that each of them now welcomes an even more efficient LTD version, and whose main feature is none other than the Bosch Performance Line CX Race Limited Edition motor, which was presented as a reminder in September 2022.

With a weight of 2.75 kg, the lightest in the range, this engine has been designed together with professional athletes. If its 85 Nm torque is the same as that of a Performance Line CX, its level of assistance goes even further, up to 400% (compared to 340% for the Line CX). Clearly, the maximum assist is simply superior.

This engine is designed for ultra-sports routes, with difficult technical passages, arduous climbing sections and demanding descents. Your reaction time is also shorter: acceleration is therefore faster and stronger. In short, it’s in a way the Rolls Royce of Bosch motors, which has its place in ultra-high-end VTTAEs, less so in trendy city bikes.

The Performance CX Race LTD benefits from a few extra features, such as the intelligent walk assist with anti-rollback assist, which is called Hill Hold. The Extended Boost generates an even longer push compared to eMTB mode, to make it easier to cross obstacles.

hairpins on top

The Saturday 29 Trail LTD is equipped with a Fox Transfer dropper seatpost in a Kashima finish, with travel ranging from 125-200mm depending on frame size (S, M, L and XL). We tested it at a Mustache press event and the result was simply excellent.

The 760mm handlebar is also upgraded thanks to a material known for its lightness, carbon. You also have to rely on an ultra-high-end suspension fork, the Fox Float 36 Factory and its 150 mm of travel with exceptional behaviour; we also tried it to allow ourselves to be just as ecstatic.

Shimano XT 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes (203mm rotor) offer progressive, biting and efficient braking. Mustache even allows each model to be numbered through a plate placed on the hanger.

The Shimano XTR 12-speed drivetrain provides plenty of room to play with gear ratio and drag under the pedals, all paired with 29-inch Maxxis Assegai Max Terra tires whose grip literally keeps you glued to the ground. It’s pretty impressive.

A price close to 10,000 euros

The Saturday 29 Game shares some common components, like the dropper post and hydraulic disc brakes. The carbon Mustache handlebars, on the other hand, are a bit wider, at 780mm, when the suspension fork also steps up: a Fox Float 38 Factory with 170mm of travel.

Both models are also based on the most generous Bosch battery in the catalogue, with a capacity of 750 Wh. At the moment we only know the price of the Trail LTD on Saturday 29, 9899 euros in total. If purchased, you will be given shorts, a short-sleeved or long-sleeved jersey, gloves and socks in the color of the bike.

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