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You, A Star Is Born, Interstellar, Formula 1, Jurassic Park, 1917… Netflix’s programming is specially loaded for this month of February 2023, with many works worth seeing.

Season 5 of Formula 1 Drivers of their Destiny will premiere on February 24
Season 5 of Formula 1 Drivers of their Destiny will premiere on February 24 // Source: Netflix

February may be the shortest month of the year, but it’s busy on the Netflix side of things nonetheless. The sVOD service has revealed its schedule for next month and that is to say that there are quality works that make up the platform’s catalogue.

So we can discover recent films such as the musical Cats -adapted from the Broadway show and much mocked when it was released- or the war film 1917 by Sam Mendes, both released in 2019. Classic films are also included in the catalogue. , like the entire collection from Jurassic Park to Jurassic World, A Star is Born or Interstellar.

As for the series, Netflix is ​​not up to the task with the arrival of two highly anticipated seasons: season 4 of You and season 5 of Formula 1.

Unmissable series on Netflix in February 2023


The fourth season of this Netflix original series will follow the daily life of Joe, a man who quickly becomes obsessed with women who show him the slightest interest, until he becomes a murderer. After New York and Los Angeles, the character played by Penn Badgley will leave this time to live in Great Britain. If the first part will be released on February 9, we will have to wait until March 9 to enjoy the second part of this fourth season.

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Formula 1

As every year since 2018, Netflix follows the backstage of the Formula 1 World Championship. The opportunity, as always, for the documentary series to follow the drivers as closely as possible, but also the team managers in their hectic races . Therefore, for this fifth season, the series will follow the 2022 championship, which ended last November. It is especially the first to follow a championship during which Lewis Hamilton is no longer the defending champion.

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Must-see movies on Netflix in February 2023

Jurassic Park

Netflix offers the entire Jurassic Park collection with the addition of four movies to the catalog. In addition to the original trilogy with the 1993, 1997 and 2001 movies, Netflix will also offer the 2015 Jurassic World movie, starring Chris Pratt. The opportunity to re-immerse yourself in this cult saga. We highly recommend the first two movies.

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After the Batman and Inception movies, Interstellar has finished placing Christopher Nolan at the forefront of the American film scene. In this film that mixes intimate concepts, family life and a great space epic, you will follow the story of Joseph Cooper, an astronaut leading a mission to study wormholes. A film as poetic as epic.

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With 1917, Sam Mendes certainly marked a great war movie. The story tells of a day in the life of two British soldiers during the First World War. Above all, it manages to pull off the feat of putting together a particularly impressive and superbly edited single sequence shot. An unforgettable movie.

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Everything New on Netflix in February 2023

  • February 1st:
    • naruto shippuden (comprehensive)
    • Hajime no Hippo: The Fight (last episodes)
    • Monster (last episodes)
    • Detective Conan presents Apprentice Criminal
    • Gunther, the dog that was worth millions
    • Interstellar
    • head high
    • A star has been born
    • Five
    • The odyssey
    • cats
  • February 2:
  • February 8th:
    • Bill Russell: NBA legend
  • February 9:
    • You (season 4, part 1)
    • Dad is an alien hunter.
  • Feb. 10:
    • Love is blind: after the altar (season 3)
    • you in my house and vice versa
    • I love to hate you
  • February 14th :
    • Perfect combination (first episodes)
    • mission impossible fallout
  • February 15:
  • February 16th:
    • Jurassic Park
    • Jurassic Park The Lost World
    • jurassic park iii
    • jurassic world
    • Barbie and the secret of the mermaids 2
    • Barbie
    • princess rapunzel
    • Barbie and the diamond palace
    • Barbie in the ball of the 12 princesses
    • barbie fairytopia
    • barbie nutcracker
    • Aggretsuko (season 5)
  • February 17th:
    • Thieves: The Series (season 2)
    • unlocked
  • February 19th:
  • 23 of February:
  • February 24th:
    • Formula 1: Drivers of your destiny (season 5)
    • 1917
  • 26 of February:
    • Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba
    • the infinite train
  • February 28:
    • High Voltage Seduction: Germany

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