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The movies Spider-Man, Detective Conan, Shadow and Bone… Netflix updates its catalog for the month of March 2023 with some classics and many sequels to home series.

Spider-Man: Homecoming will be available on Netflix starting March 1, like all the other movies in the franchise. // Source: Marvel Studios

Netflix is ​​updating its catalog for its subscribers for the month of March 2023. Just like in February, the sVOD streaming service is mostly relying on its in-house shows to renew the interest of its users, but some blockbusters are also joining in. to list.

All the movies of the franchise. Spiderman are now accessible on the platform, as well as the action movie Fast and Furious: Hobbs & Shaw or the movie fifty shades darkers, following the phenomenon Fifty Shades of Grey.

As for series, Netflix continues to premiere season 4 of its thriller Youas well as new seasons of his hit series shadow and bone et The glory. Not to forget the release of season 4 of the anime. Detective Conanstill just as popular 25 years later!

Unmissable series on Netflix in March 2023

Detective Conan (season 4)

Started in 1997, the broadcast of the anime Detective Conan is still in progress! But it is not necessarily the last episodes that interest French viewers, since the public is quite expecting season 4 of the series, probably because of the nostalgia for the episodes broadcast on television in the early 2000s. Therefore, We follow Shinichi Kudo, a high school detective rejuvenated by a mysterious drug, but still solving cases as Conan Edogawa, a 7-year-old schoolboy. Available March 1st.

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Shadow and Bone: The Grisha Saga (season 2)

Another expected title, but much more recent: season 2 of shadow and bonea fantastic series adapted from literary successes GRAMRisha et six of crows by author Leigh Bardugo. This new season continues the adventures of Alina, a young orphan who must save the kingdom of Ravka together with the Grisha wizards. This sequel focused in particular on the search for two mythical creatures to amplify Alina’s powers against General Kirigan, her main enemy. Posted on March 16.

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You (season 4, part 2)

We already told you about it last month: the successful Netflix series You It’s been back since February. The second part of the fourth season will premiere on March 9. For those who have not yet been tempted, You It always tells the daily life of a New York bookseller, Joe Goldberg, who becomes a serial killer due to his obsession with several women. After three seasons set in the United States, season 4 focuses on the main character’s life in Britain. A series that manages to reinvent itself every season.

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Must-see movies on Netflix in March 2023

Spider-Man Collection

This is the biggest announcement of the month of March on Netflix: the sVOD service adds a good part of the franchise’s movies Spiderman who I missed This includes the first trilogy (Spiderman 1, 2 and 3), the dilogy (The amazing Spider Man 1 and 2) and the first film of the second trilogy (spiderman: homecoming). We recommend the latter in particular, a very good reboot with just the right balance between humor and action, and one that can be watched without knowing the previous ones! Available March 1st.

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murder mystery 2

Another homemade Netflix production: the sequel to its police comedy murder mystery, released in 2019. We find again the duo Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston in the role of Nick and Audrey Spitz, turned into private detectives. Then they must solve a mysterious kidnapping on a private island. Remarkable fact: the film was shot in part in Paris and the actress Mélanie Laurent plays a small role. Posted on March 31.

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Everything New on Netflix in March 2023

  • March 1:
    • Spiderman
    • spider man 2
    • spider man 3
    • The amazing Spider Man
    • The amazing spider-man 2
    • spiderman: homecoming
    • Detective Conan (season 4)
    • entrevias (season 2)
    • cheating is winning
    • tonight you will sleep with me
    • Fast and Furious: Hobbs & Shaw
    • Bis
  • March 2:
    • Stuck! (season 2)
    • masameer county (season 2)
    • Sex/Life (season 2)
    • The Fourniret case: inside the mind of Monique Olivier
  • March 3:
    • next in fashion (season 2)
    • it will be you
  • March 4:
    • The Sacred Bonds of Divorce
    • fifty shades darker
  • March 5th:
  • March 8:
    • law here
    • MH370: The lost plane
  • March 9:
    • You (season 4, part 2)
  • March 10th:
    • The glory (part 2)
    • naidu frog
    • Outlast: At the end of ourselves
    • when everything goes crazy
    • Luther: Fallen Sun
    • riding the youth
  • March 14:
  • March, 15th:
    • The jungle law
    • Pornhub: Close Up Of The Sex Giant
  • March 16:
    • Shadow and Bone: The Grisha Saga (season 2)
    • not very soon
  • March 17:
    • The Master’s Blues
    • Up to the sky : the series
    • massive battle
    • the king of shadows
    • Noise
    • The Wizard’s Elephant
  • March 18th:
  • March 22:
    • the invisible city (season 2)
    • his kingdom (season 2)
    • Apocalypse in Waco: a cult under siege
  • 23 of March:
    • the agent of the night
    • Johnny
    • bad boys for life
  • March 24th:
    • Love is blind (season 4)
    • high flying
  • March 29:
    • wellmania
    • Furtive
    • New York: at the heart of the emergency
  • March 30th:
    • Unstable
    • riverdale (season 7)
    • Sawako: Kimi ni Todoke
    • Big Mäck: Robberies and Micmac
  • March 31st:
    • copycat killer
    • Kill Bok-soon
    • murder mystery 2

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