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Dacia takes advantage of the Brussels Motor Show to unveil some improvements for its Spring, the cheapest electric car in France. On the program, a more efficient engine and a more exclusive finish called Extreme. But autonomy has not been revised upwards.

Launched at the beginning of 2021, the Dacia Spring will soon win over customers. And for good reason, by December of the same year, more than 11,300 copies had been sold in France alone. A figure that has risen to more than 18,300 units for all of 2022. In December, the city car was also very successful, becoming the best-selling electric car in the country for the month. It thus surpasses the Tesla Model 3 and the Renault Mégane E-Tech.

a new finish

But there is no doubt that Dacia will build on its achievements. Thus, the firm takes advantage of the Brussels show, which opens its doors from this Saturday, January 14, until Sunday, January 22, to unveil a new finish for its star. Although its prices rose slightly a few months ago, the city car is now available a new finish called Extreme. Replacing then the Expression, highly appreciated by customers according to the brand’s press release, this comes to crown the range.

It is distinguished by specific aesthetic elements, starting with its original color Slate Blue, combined with elements of Copper Brown on the mirror caps, the roof rails or even the Dacia logo and wheel hubs. The door bottom guards have a unique new pattern, which can also be found on the sticker attached to the front doors. The general style remains unchanged.

On board, the presentation also remains the same as we already knew, while the Spring retains its 7-inch touch screen that integrates GPS navigation and compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. However, and as for the exterior, certain elements make it possible to distinguish this new version with the naked eye. Starting with the elements painted in Copper Brown, in the air vents, the door panels or even the outline of the block that contains the screen and controls.

We also find this color in the stitching of the seats. The latter also benefit from a relief representing the logo of the brand. Finally, the door sills as well as the rubber mats take up the topographic pattern present in the exterior side protections. If the city car thus gives itself the air of an adventurer, their suspensions have not been lifted.

A rising power

But Dacia not only offered aesthetic improvements to its 3rd best-selling model, behind the Sandero and Duster. In fact, this Extreme finish also inaugurates a new electric motor developing 48 kW, or the equivalent of 65 horsepower. As a reminder, the city car was previously only available in one version, developing 33 kW (45 horsepower).

Also benefiting from a new reducer that multiplies the torque delivered to the wheels, this Electric 65 motor offers better acceleration, even if the brand has not communicated the exact figures. For memory, the Electric 45 version presents a torque of 125 Nm and reaches 0 to 50 km/h in 5.8 seconds. The maximum speed is 125 km/h but it is limited to 100 km/h in Eco mode. Values ​​that could be slightly different in the 65 version.

However, 26.8 kWh battery does not change. Consequently, the autonomy is slightly lower, since Dacia announces 220 kilometers in the WLTP mixed cycle and 305 kilometers in the WLTP City cycle. The original version claims for its 225 kilometers in combined cycle, although the autonomy in the city is somewhat lower, approved at 295 kilometers. However, the difference between the two versions is minimal and should be imperceptible in use.

The controls of this new Dacia Spring Extreme will open from January 17. The electric city car, a rival to the Leapmotor T03, Next e.GO Mobile e.wave X and other TATA Tiago EVs, will then be exhibited from 22,300 euros (ecological bonus of 5,000 euros not discounted). This 200 euros more than the previous version of Expression that it replaces. The first deliveries will begin before the summer.

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