Mini launches into electric bikes with a famous French manufacturer VAE

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The electric bicycle brand Angell joins forces with the car manufacturer Mini, which will count on the know-how of its partner to launch its first range of VAEs.

Founded by entrepreneur Marc Simoncini, the founder of Meetic, Angell Bikes got off to a rocky start, the fault of a first ultra-connected electric bike subject to numerous anomalies. In 2022, the person in question had clearly made his mea culpa by introducing a new VAE model, the Cruiser.

« We brought our first bike to market fast, way too fast. The bicycle smartphone, actually, we were wrong. People want a bike that workshe humbly admitted. Since then, Angell seems to be taking over and offers a catalog of two connected electric bikes, available in two versions each.

5 year agreement

Above all, Angell can boast of becoming an official partner of Mini, a BMW subsidiary and car manufacturer, which also wants to enter the connected cycle niche. This is at least what we learn in the newspaper columns. The worldthat evokes a global agreement for five years».

The first elements related to this alliance are already known: Angell will be involved in particular in the design and manufacture of the VAE Mini. As a reminder, the tricolor brand has partnered with the French group SEB for the industrialization of its products at the Is-sur-Tille factory (Côte-d’Or), near Dijon.

angel cruise

always according toThe worldThis agreement, already set in stone since the beginning of Angell, would have seduced the BMW executive, who had launched a call for projects to define a lucky winner. Mini’s design teams will also work hand-in-hand with Angell’s, who had also caused a sensation with the look of their first model. Designer Ora-ïto was in charge.

The newspaper highlights an interesting point about Mini’s strategy, whose reasoning is as follows: “Since your customers are going electric and forgoing the second car in favor of the bike, why not sell them one with the Mini?».

A first model during the autumn

The idea here is interesting: with each purchase of an electric Mini, for example, a Mini VAE would be offered to the customer. You can also imagine offers or packages that include both for an advantageous price, to enhance the attractiveness of your offer.

Accordingcleanrider, the first model is expected to be presented in the fall of 2023 and will be based mainly on the Angell bike: Rapide or Cruiser. Before, the rest of the range is designed by the duo, together, explained John Mollanger, chief executive of Angell Mobility.

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