Microsoft’s affordable wireless mouse is 44% off today

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Microsoft is known for its famous Windows operating system that powers a good number of PCs all over the world. The American giant is also a manufacturer of computer equipment. Among its products is the Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse wireless mouse. If it is already affordable, it is even more so on Amazon with an offer that takes it from 24.99 euros to only 13.99 euros.

Laptops may have seen a lot of technological advances, but we’re not about to do without a good old mouse, especially if you don’t like using your laptop’s trackpad too much. Currently, there are many varieties, including the Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse. However, already very affordable, this model is currently experiencing a 44% drop.

What to expect from the Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse?

  • Compatible with Windows, macOS and Chrome OS
  • 12 month battery life
  • Accurate, comfortable and wireless

Instead of the usual 24.99 euros, the Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse is now available on sale for only 13.99 euros on Amazon, in its mint green color.

A not so common mouse

The Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse seems to be one of the most classic mice, but it hides its game well, this model sports a minimalist and compact design. Its ergonomics are designed to fit all hands, which is why it is called ambidextrous. Space saving, you can take it with you wherever you go and use it on a PC, Mac, or Chromebook. You don’t have to install anything for it to work.

This mouse has the classic commands: if a click on the left button allows selection, this opens a selection list on the right button. A double click of the left button selects elements. By turning the center wheel, you can browse a web page or scroll through a list. Clicking on it opens a page in your browser, for example. There is also a power button. What’s also nice is that this mouse works well with most surfaces, aside from mousepads designed for this purpose.

appreciable characteristics

The Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse is compatible with any terminal that offers at least Bluetooth 4.0. This model shows a frequency range of 2.4 GHz as well as a range of 10 meters for an open space, against 5 meters for a closed space. On a day-to-day navigation is pleasant, comfortable and very precise thanks to its good precision. Also very economical, it works with two AA batteries which ensures at least one year of autonomy. Finally, to easily connect it with other Microsoft accessories, you have the Swift Pair function. Three seconds will be enough for matchmaking.

Alternatives to Microsoft’s Bluetooth mouse?

To find out which Bluetooth mouse suits your needs and your budget, we now invite you to consult our guide on the best wireless mice of the moment at Frandroid.

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