Microsoft wants you to convert your friends to the subscription

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Microsoft is experimenting with a new way to share your Xbox Game Pass subscription. Between the desire to present the service and the firm’s new player conversion method.

It is a sales technique as old as tupperware. Sometimes you just have to trust that your customers will find and convert new people to your services. A fairly traditional method to decide to experiment with Microsoft.

The trial is currently taking place in Australia and New Zealand, but could later be extended to the rest of the world. The firm simply offers to offer your PC Game Pass subscription to your family members.

Invite up to 5 friends to play for free

The idea is quite simple, you can invite up to 5 friends to the PC Game Pass service who will be able to discover the 15-day subscription at no additional cost.

It’s even smarter since Game Pass is packed with games to play co-op with friends like no man’s sky, Grounded, two are required either warhammer dark tide to name just a few.

When trying to access the page of offers in France. Microsoft welcomes us with the following message: offer is currently available in select regions. We plan to offer our services in other regions soon, so stay tuned! “. Therefore, the firm gives hope for a forthcoming release in France.

Microsoft is also exploring this route through other methods. The firm is working, for example, on a new, more expensive subscription to “Family and Friends” that allows the package to be shared between 5 accounts without a time limit.

In 2022, Microsoft admitted that it began to find limits in recruiting new subscribers to its flagship video game subscription service, particularly on consoles.

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