Microsoft integrates ChatGPT into Bing and Edge to revolutionize the web

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Unsurprisingly, Microsoft announced a change to its search engine by integrating ChatGPT. More surprising: the OpenAI tool is also available in Edge, and it’s a fantastic idea.

« The investigation [sur le web] it’s the same since 20 years ago, this is a list of links “. During his conference, Microsoft multiplied the tackles by leaning on Google, its hegemonic competitor. And for good reason… a few hours after Google’s Bard announcement, Microsoft officially introduces its new version of Bing powered by artificial intelligence.

A new way to search the web

The rumors were right: Microsoft intends to merge ChatGPT and Bing. A two-step plan that shows that Microsoft and OpenAI have understood that it is important to revolutionize habits without rushing them too much.

The first element combines the traditional link-based search and the chatbot that has been all the rage on the web lately. In addition to the sites that are normally displayed, Bing will be able to answer slightly more detailed questions that require you to go to the sites in question. When asked, for example, if Ikea’s Klippan sofa fits in a 2019 Honda Odyssey, you will have, in addition to the results that lead to the Ikea and Honda sites, a short text indicating the dimensions of the sofa, the car’s storage capacity and tips on how to fit it.

Unlike ChatGPT, Bing indicates your sources and takes more tweezers. When asked about the sofa, he specifies, for example, that ” this is not a definitive answer and you should always measure items before attempting to transport them ».

GPT-4 on Bing?!

Furthermore, the new Bing integrates a conversational agent very close to ChatGPT directly into the form. Then the links disappear and you communicate with a web-connected artificial intelligence that can answer your questions. You can ask him to plan a trip for you, find you the best TV for gaming, or translate everything into a hundred different languages.

Microsoft clarified that this artificial intelligence is based on ” the next generation of OpenAI’s big language model, customized specifically for research “. If the name of GPT-4 was not uttered, it is hollow what was hinted at several times during the conference. And as if to confirm it, it is much more powerful than ChatGPT (which uses GPT-3.5)

The dangers are measured

Of course, with such power comes some responsibility. Microsoft promises to have worked to prevent its conversational agent from giving out information that could be harmful. Thus, several layers of security have been added, from the configuration of the model (called Prometheus) to a content filtering system.

During the first tests, the team in charge of verifying the proposed content realized that this engine was capable of preparing a plan of attack on a school if asked to do so. It was after that that all these values ​​were added. The model itself is used to play the ” bad actor and thus practice avoiding these topics.

An integration in Edge

Prometheus has also been integrated into a new version of Microsoft Edge, the signature browser. In addition to rounded corners closer to Windows 11 standards, this version of the interface integrates the chat interface into a sidebar.

So it will be possible to ask this model to perform actions for us on a given page. Among the examples given, Microsoft mentions the ability to summarize a 15-page PDF document with a single click or change the language of a code on Stack Overflow. The possibilities are as numerous as they are incredible.

The new Bing is available today for PC in a limited version. Anyone can try a limited number of queries and sign up for the full version. The rollout will roll out over the next few weeks, which explains why you don’t have access to it yet. Also, the mobile version will arrive soon.

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