Microsoft figured out how to get us to use its Mail app

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Microsoft releases a new preview version of Windows 11 with good news for notifications. The publisher may have figured out how to get us to use their Mail app to sync our emails.

Microsoft offers many pre-installed home apps with Windows 10 and Windows 11. Obviously we think of Microsoft Store or Microsoft Edge, but there are also Contacts, Mail, Photos, etc. Users entrenched in their good habits, especially when it comes to checking their email online, may never have taken the step of adopting these apps.

With their new Dev version, Microsoft may have found a way to make us use their Mail app to read our emails.

Finally notifications to copy in Windows 11

Build 25295 available on the Dev channel brings a change for “toast” notifications. They are notifications that appear on the screen for a few seconds before waiting in the notification center.

With this release, notifications are now entitled to a “copy to clipboard” button when it comes to verification, authentication, or bank emails. A very practical function that we already know well in smartphones. Speed ​​up the authentication process when the service asks you for a 6-digit code sent by email or SMS.

Please note that Microsoft clarifies that this notification is not just for the Mail app. Notifications that come from a phone synchronized with the PC will also be affected.

A small change that should bring a real gain in daily comfort while pushing users to use the Mail app and sync their smartphone.

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