Microsoft announces the arrival of GPT-4 in the coming days

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OpenAI is about to introduce GPT-4, a major new version of its AI, according to Microsoft. One of the novelties would be the possibility of processing videos.

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Since the release of GPT-3 in 2020 by OpenAI, the language model has been hugely successful in the tech industry and has established artificial intelligence as the new field for giants to conquer.

After a stint with GPT-3.5 that powers ChatGPT, OpenAI would be ready to lift the veil on its next-generation GPT-4 model. The source is quite credible since it is Microsoft, the startup’s historical partner.

Focus on video and audio

More specifically, Andreas Braun, an executive at Microsoft Germany, said: next week we will present the GPT-4, which will offer multimodal models with completely different possibilities, for example videos “. It should be noted that neither the US branch of Microsoft nor OpenAI have confirmed these comments. It has happened in the past that a national branch of Microsoft said too much, or was completely wrong on its subject. Still, this is an official statement that cannot be be discarded.

To this day, one of the great limitations of GPT-3 is that it only works with text. That is why OpenAI and Microsoft have released writing assistants like Bing or ChatGPT.

Microsoft has not gone into details about this novelty, which should be revealed next week. It is understood that it will be possible to generate video like Midjourney or Dall-E can generate images today.

But the most interesting thing about multimodal models is the possibility of mixing commands of different types for an AI. We can imagine a future version of ChatGPT that could analyze images or videos to answer a question. For example, ask the following question “can you tell me at what minute in this YouTube video the speaker enters his conclusion? offering a link to the video in question. We also envision being able to request long video summaries.

Microsoft should eventually integrate the power of GPT-4 into its Bing search engine. However, at the moment nothing has been announced in this regard. Therefore, you will have to be patient.

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