Meta Quest 1: It’s officially the beginning of the end

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Meta announces the end of support for the first Meta Quest for 2024. Until then, the firm behind Facebook specifies that no new features will be added.

For any electronic product there comes a time when support, tired, must stop their work. The time has come for the Meta Quest 1. Called the Oculus Quest 1 when it launched in 2019, it’s a relatively inexpensive and overall successful VR headset that was followed by an equally well-received Oculus Quest 2 by critics and users as it’s currently the Most used headset on Steam (41.35%).

We learn through a Reddit post (via XDA) that owners of the first Quest received an email announcing the end of support for headsets in 2024. So next year, security patches and bug fixes will stop. The message also specifies that if the headphones continue to work, we should no longer expect new features.

If you go to the Meta support page, you will also find that the Meta Quest 1 headset is not offered on the list of supported products. It is therefore a termination of the service in good and due form.

less features

Even more annoying, still according to this email, users will no longer be able to create and join a group. Those using Meta Horizon Home will lose access to this feature as of March 5, 2023. They will no longer be able to host or visit.

While end of support for a product is understandable and classic, removing end-of-life features from a product is a bit more questionable. After only four years of existence, moreover, for a product that costs more than 400 euros, there is enough to cool the enthusiasm of those who wanted to buy a Meta Quest 2 or who want to get hold of the future Meta Quest 3, not yet announced.


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