Meta and Mark Zuckerberg announce 10,000 new layoffs

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The head of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg, announces 10,000 layoffs at his company and the suspension of 5,000 hires. This announcement comes four months after a wave of 11,000 layoffs.

Mark Zuckerberg at Meta Connect 2022 // Source: Meta

Meta sinks into a crisis. At its head, Mark Zuckerberg has just announced the dismissal of 10,000 people. This comes a few months after a first wave of magnitude where 11,000 employees had already been laid off, at the end of 2022. At the same time, the opening of 5,000 new positions were suspended.

“Year of Efficiency” = 10,000 layoffs

In 2022, Mark Zuckerberg mentioned miscalculations that had led him to drastically increase the investments of the firm that reigns over Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp while wanting to boost the famous metaverse. He mistakenly thought that he would continue the growth in his activities observed since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. For these 10,000 new layoffs, the businessman opts for a somewhat shocking speech by designating the year 2023 as ” efficiency year ».

Meta is building the future of human connection, and today I want to share some updates on our Year of Efficiency that will help us get there. The goals of this job are: (1) to become a better technology company and (2) to improve our financial performance in a challenging environment so that we can execute on our long-term vision.

« It will be difficult, there is no other solution. We will have to say goodbye to talented and passionate colleagues who have contributed to our success. They have dedicated themselves to our mission and I am personally grateful for all their efforts. We will support people the same way we have in the past and treat everyone with the gratitude they deserve. writes the businessman in a very long Facebook post.

In particular, share a calendar. So, ” Over the next two months, officials will announce restructuring plans focused on flattening our organizations, canceling lower-priority projects, and lowering our hire rates. “. The layoffs will take place in April in the technological sectors while the commercial teams will be affected from May. ” In a small number of cases, these changes may take until the end of the year to be finalized. Our schedules for international teams will also be different and local officials will provide more details on this. “, we learn.

AI and the metaverse

Towards the end of his message, he explains how much he believes in artificial intelligence as a growth vector for the coming years. Pretty standard talk nowadays given the success of tools like ChatGPT. However, he doesn’t forget to cite Meta’s “major work” in creating the metaverse and shaping the next generation of computing platforms. This project ” it also remains essential in defining the future of social login “. Lastly, remember that the applications of the group continue to be developed” and continue to connect nearly half the world’s population in new ways “. According to the general director, it is to carry out this project that the financial plan he describes was drawn up.

Mark Zuckerberg ends his message by calling each member of his teams to focus” about what you can control ». « In other words, do a good job and support your peers. Our community is extremely resilient. Change is never easy, but I know we will get through it and emerge as an even stronger company that can create better products faster and enable you to do the best work of your career. “. For 10,000 people, these words no longer have any meaning.

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