Mercedes evolves thoroughly thanks to TikTok and Angry Birds… and more useful features

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Mercedes presents the driving position of its new E-Class, equipped with a new version of its MBUX operating system. In addition to a completely redesigned design inspired by the EQS, the sedan offers a much more comprehensive infotainment system, which should make Tesla break a sweat. Before proposing an MB.OS in a few years.

mercedes mbux
mercedes mbux

With its huge 17-inch touch screen, the Tesla Model S was launched in 2012, a true UFO on the market, some even call it a smartphone on wheels. But the truth is that the American brand has inspired many other manufacturers, while all of them now offer increasingly technological driving positions. We think in particular of the SUV presented by Aehra, which becomes a real cinema.

A renewed system

Without going so far, Mercedes has also transformed its interiors to make them more technological. This is particularly the case with the EQS, the brand’s first model equipped with Hyperscreen, a huge digital panel 1.40 meters wide that is offered as an option and integrates two touch screens, as well as a digital phone, under MBUX. A presentation that is in the EQE and that also inspired the Chinese manufacturer Rising Auto for its R7 and F7.

Today it is the turn of another model of the German brand to imitate the electric saloon. It’s about the new E-Class, which reveals in a press release the first images of its new driving position. This has been completely redesigned and offers a new digital panel similar to the Hyperscreen, although the phone is here independent. The latter offers a completely new design without Mercedes specifying its dimensions. It is now equipped with a single processor (instead of two) that manages the screens and infotainment for greater responsiveness, while limiting the use of semiconductors in this lean period.

And the news program is quite nice. First of all, the MBUX infotainment system is now connected in 5G, through the entertainment package. Thus, the screen offers access to many applications such as TikTok or the Angry Birds game. Thus, Mercedes hopes to get closer to Tesla, which is still in the lead at this point by offering the entire Steam catalog on its Model S and Model X. It is also possible to hold video conferences via Zoom thanks to a camera on the dashboard. A feature that is also available on Tesla. Finally, the driver will be able to access the cloud-based collaboration platform “Webex by Cisco” and the Vivaldi browser.

Customers can also enjoy ZYNC entertainment portal, which brings together the services of 30 streaming services and gives access to sports or news programmes. by his side, the passenger screen is only activated when a person takes place in the seat, then it was detected by a small camera. Otherwise, it becomes a still image to prevent driver distraction.

more comfort

This latest version of the MBUX system, which we were able to test during our Mercedes EQS test, also uses artificial intelligence for the benefit of comfort. So, the car is able to automatically memorize the settings from different drivers. Visual themes will also be offered, but it will be possible to create your own “routines”, playing with the temperature, the position of the seat or even the ambient lighting.

The sedan also offers a new motion sickness program while a relaxation program with breathing exercises will be available later. Passengers will also be able to take advantage of the Burmester 4D audio system consisting of 17 speakers, whose sound will also be transmitted through vibrations in the seats for an optimal experience. The cabin light also reacts to the rhythm of the music. Finally, the “Hey Mercedes” voice command can now be activated without a keyword.

These improvements will be available from the launch of the new Mercedes E-Class, which deliveries will begin this summer andn Europe, while prices are not yet known.

MB.OS: for the future 100% electric Mercedes

The manufacturer is already working on a new version of its infotainment system, as explained by Markus Schäfer, the manufacturer’s technology manager at automotive news. Known as MB.OS (Mercedes-Benz Operating System), this will be released around 2025 and it should be inaugurated in the future electric Class A, as the current MBUX had been.

If it will be developed by the brand, it will continue to rely on external partners, including Google, with respect to navigation and route planning. Mercedes is currently collaborating with Nvidia in particular to offer level 3 autonomous driving to its EQS and S-Class. A technology already authorized in France since this summer.

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