MediaTek launches into a new dimension

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The market leader in smartphone chips is launching the Dimensity 7200. According to MediaTek, it will equip ultra-thin devices as a priority and will be able to adapt to many form factors.

Source: MediaTek

If you don’t know MediaTek yet, know that they would like you to meet them at all costs. This is the main competitor to Qualcomm, designer of the famous Snapdragon chips that you find in all (or almost) of the premium smartphones on the European market, such as the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2.

Their chips, instead of borrowing from the fantastical universe, bear the sweet name of Dimensity. They are found in the OnePlus Nord 2 for example, or in the recent Oppo Find N2 Flip.

As with Qualcomm, the higher the number on the left, the more premium the chip. Thus we have seen the Dimensity 9000, 8000, but also 1000 or even 900. The Taiwanese firm has just announced the Dimensity 7200. It is a new range, because it is the first time that the firm uses a number in 7000.

What to expect from the Dimensity 7200?

In detail, we are facing a 5G engraved chip in 4nm. It is based on TSMC’s second generation process, the same etching process used in the Dimensity 9200, the designer’s most advanced chip.

This is a fairly beefy mid-range chip, offering eight cores, including two high-frequency ARM Cortex-A715s capable of up to 2.8GHz and six more modest Cortex-A510 cores for multitasking. Of course, there is also an APU for AI-related functions.

According to CH Chen, Deputy General Manager of MediaTek’s Wireless Communications Division, this chip will mainly aim to offer “an inexpensive way to maximize battery life […] without skimping on performance. »

On the photography side, the Dimensity 7200 supports up to 200-megapixel snapshots and up to 4K HDR video. For storage, the chip is limited to UFS 3.1. The RAM frequency at 6400 Mb/s The screen goes up to 144 Hz in Full HD+. The first devices equipped with Dimensity 7200 should not be long. They announced it in the first quarter of 2023.

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