Mark Zuckerberg launches paid subscription for Instagram and Facebook

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Just like Twitter Blue, you will now have to pay monthly for Meta’s services to provide you with identity verification.

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At the origin of social networks like Facebook, arose the idea of ​​being able to find online friends in the real world whose identity we know. You still have to make sure that the person on the other side of the screen is who you think and not an imposter who has stolen an identity. This is even more critical for influencers, brands and celebrities who daily risk having their identity stolen online by impersonators.

Meta Verified: pay to protect your identity

After Twitter and its Twitter Blue subscription, it’s time for Meta to launch a subscription to charge for identity verification. The announcement was made directly by Mark Zuckerberg and the subscription has a very clear name: Meta Verified. It immediately lets you understand that this subscription will be valid for all the giant’s services: Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram.

For $11.99 per month (or $14.99 per month on an Apple product due to the fee imposed by Apple), users will be entitled to a verification of their identity documents to obtain the famous blue verification badge. Unlike Twitter Blue, which offers a set of features, here Mark Zuckerberg’s subscription focuses on the question of identity. The subscription thus provides greater protection against identity theft and privileged access to customer service.

Currently, the implementation is limited to Australia and New Zealand.

Mark Zuckerberg tries to justify the subscription

We can also note that a difference in approach between Twitter and Meta comes from verification with identity documents. Elon Musk considers for Twitter that the subscription payment is enough to automatically validate the honesty of a person. A bit more conscientious, Mark Zuckerberg seems to believe that identity documents and manual verification are still important today.

On the other hand, the founder of Facebook and Meta was questioned by Facebook users about the idea of ​​transforming the minimum service of a social network into a paid subscription. The billionaire explains it in the comments.

We already provide protections and some assistance to everyone. But verifying government IDs and providing direct access to customer support for millions or billions of people costs a lot of money. Subscription fees will help cover these costs and track the number of people signing up, allowing us to ensure quality as we grow.

Netizens, however, did not fail to point out the irony of asking to pay for quality assistance and identity verification.

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