MacBook Air M3, faster Teslas and too slow PCs

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Several news marked the week of March 6, 2023: the possible arrival of the next MacBook Air M3, Tesla’s route planner will continue to improve to be faster, and the fact that some PCs have become very slow … because of Nvidia . We summarize all this in the summary of the week!

Source: Chloé Pertuis – Frandroid

A MacBook Air M3 that looks promising

In June 2022, we were somewhat disappointed with the MacBook Air M2, due to very few new features and a rising price. Except that Apple should adopt a new renewal cycle for its machines, more precisely every year, believes Mark Gurman. In this case, the MacBook Air M3 could land in the coming months… with a brand new ultra-powerful and very promising chip.

Tesla, a route planner on the go

Tesla’s route planner, considered an industry benchmark, will get better. In the future, Tesla will take into account the possible occupancy of a Supercharger when you want to go there. Thus, you will be able to know in advance if the site is too busy or not. The builder will even be able to redirect you somewhere else if necessary. Convenient and reduces travel times.

PCs that are too slow… because of Nvidia

On Twitter, journalist Tom Warren of the edge, pointed a finger at Nvidia following slowdowns seen on PC. At issue: A processor is suddenly overused when exiting a game. Nvidia has indeed admitted fault for it: its latest drivers could in some cases lead to higher CPU usage. Fortunately, a fix has since been implemented.

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