Lucid lowers the price of its electric car, unless you buy it

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After Xpeng and VinFast, it is up to the American brand Lucid to take measures to adapt to the drop in Tesla prices. Thus, customers will be able to take advantage of lower air fares, under certain conditions. The electric car is then discounted up to $7,500.

Lucid Performance Grand Touring // Source: Lucid

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To say that the price cut at Tesla had the effect of a bombshell is an understatement. In fact, a few days ago, the American brand made a big change in its pricing policy, lowering its prices to 13,000 euros for its Model 3, while the Model Y also benefited from a good discount. An unexpected change in strategy, which follows the fall in sales of the brand, particularly in China and the United States, when we announced a very difficult year for the American manufacturer.

a new offer

By cutting its prices so drastically, Elon Musk’s firm sent a shock wave through the entire market, worrying its rivals and prompting them to act. Xpeng, for example, has made a significant drop in its prices in China. Thus, both the P5 and the P7 as well as the G3 lost between 20,000 and 36,000 yuan (about 2,700 to 4,900 euros). A few days later, it was the turn of the Vietnamese manufacturer VinFast to announce the implementation of promotional operations.

If nothing has been confirmed about a price drop, it would be very likely when the brand’s cars cost more than Tesla’s. In the United States, the VF8 starts at $59,000, or about 54,413 euros, compared to $52,990 (about 48,870 euros) for its rival, the Model Y. In France, this is shown from 46,990 euros in Propulsion version.

But another manufacturer also fears the significant price drop at Tesla. This is Lucid, which recently presented new versions of its electric sedan, the Air. Rival of the Model S, this is exhibited at 154,000 dollars (about 148,352 euros) in its Gran Turismo version with 819 horses.

For this reason, the American firm has decided to act, so as not to be left behind by its competitor based in Texas. This is how he announced in an email sent to his clients the establishment ofa refund of up to $7,500 (about 6,882 euros). An amount equal to Tesla’s proposal at the end of last year, and US Tax Credit in electric cars.

only under certain conditions

In email, transmitted by a user on the site lucid forumthe brand explains that “ Effective immediately, customers who rent a Lucid Air through Lucid Financial Services will receive an automatic reduction of $7,500 in the form of cost reduction“. Specifically, customers who have already signed up for the sedan lease offer will simply benefit from lower monthly payments.

This offer does not apply to purchase., where the brand does not seem to foresee any discount. Without a doubt, a way to encourage customers to opt for the rental, which would then be more financially attractive for Lucid. as the site says InsideEVs, the manufacturer did not specify if this offer refers to all versions of the sedan. As a reminder, the range starts with Pure, showing 480 horsepower and equipped with an 88 kWh battery.

Thus, it claims a range of 410 miles (about 660 kilometers) according to the American EPA cycle, less strict than the European WLTP. Equipped with a 900 volt system, the Lucid Air can take up to 300 kW, allowing you to recover 322 kilometers in just fifteen minutes of charging in fast terminals. In France, we think in particular of Electra, while Kallista Energy and Lidl offer up to 360 kW. For their part, Circontrol and Fasned reach a peak of 400 kW, but the latter only offers this power for the moment in the Netherlands.

Just launched in Europe in its Dream Edition version available in two power levels, the Lucid Air will soon be supported by a recently introduced electric SUV. This one carries the name Gravity and should compete with the Tesla Model X and other Volvo EX90s. It could carry a 118 kWh battery, offering a range of at least 600 kilometers.

The Lucid Air debuts in Europe and impresses with its range of 883 kilometers

The first Lucid cars arrive in Europe. The Air Dream Edition arrives with a range of almost 900 kilometers according to the WLTP standard.
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