Lime will offer helmets for electric bikes and scooters

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According to the Sortir à Paris site, the operator Lime will organize a free distribution of helmets for users of electric bicycles and scooters, in Paris, this Saturday. This operation also intends to brush the council in the sense of hair, which would think of banning self-service scooters.

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Christmas after hours. If you are looking for a helmet to get around on a bicycle or an electric scooter, Lime plays the generosity card and will distribute them for free on Saturday, January 14, at 12 noon, on the Place de la République in Paris. This operation was revealed by the site going out in paris.

The idea behind this maneuver is to make Parisians aware of the safety accessories that are supposed to protect you from a fall, in particular. As a reminder, it is not mandatory to wear a helmet on a bicycle or electric scooter. On the other hand, children under the age of 12 must carry one on a bicycle.

Lime’s approach is necessarily commendable. But it also has a marketing and brand image character, in the context of the delicate situation of the Paris City Hall. The latter plans to duly recall all self-service electric scooters, operated by three operators, including Lime.

signs and efforts

In 2022, the negative signals sent out by Parisian elected officials were numerous. Already in September, David Belliard, deputy mayor of Paris in charge of the transformation of public space, transport, mobility, street code and roads, put forward a first threat.

«5 months after the renewal of the contracts, we asked ourselves the question of continuing or stopping here with the freefloating model for scooters. Are the operators able to react and quickly? That is what we ask them.he said. In November, the operators reacted quickly.

Minor ban (as in Lyon), license plates, future detection technology for sidewalks: these are some of the measures taken by Lime, Dott and Tiers. However, this was not enough to convince the municipality, which has already decided to ban self-service electric scooters in the near future, according to theInformed.

polish your image

Thus, Lime does not appear to have given up the fight, as evidenced by their free distribution of helmets. For the company, it is a way of showing its credentials to the city council and expressing its desire to move in the right direction. It’s also a forceful new message that serves to brush Anne Hidalgo’s outfits in the direction of the hair.

The first months of 2023 should seal the fate of the three operators, who are necessarily looking forward to the new tender planned for this purpose… but which may not take place when the City Council so decides.

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