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Introduced in early January, the GAC Aion Hyper GT had shown off its exterior design, but it was still very mysterious in its driving position. The Chinese electric car corrects its mistake and shows us an interior very similar to that of its rival, the Tesla Model 3.

Aion Hyper GT // Source: GAC

Have you been to Aion? The chances are not. But this brand created by the GAC group in 2019 there could be a lot of talk in the coming years. If it already markets several electric cars, adopting only the form of SUV, it returns to the front of the stage with a new saloon. Called Aion Hyper GT, it was presented at the Guangzhou fair last January.

A clean driving position

A newcomer presented a few months later the Hyper SSR supercar, which will play the role of standard-bearer for the Chinese brand, with a general positioning. Wiser, despite a name that still exudes sportiness, the Aion Hyper GT will go directly to the Tesla Model 3, which continues to be a hit, especially in Europe. But if the Chinese sedan has already shown its exterior lines, no image of the interior has yet been revealed.

So now it’s done – the Chinese site is home broadcast a series of photos posted on Weibo showing the cabin of the electric sedan from all angles. And the least we can say is that it looks a lot like the Tesla Model 3, its main rival. In fact, we find a very refined presentation, with a large central touch screen, the diagonal of which is not known.

It is also not specified if it is compatible with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. On the other hand, and observing it a little more closely, we will still notice some differences with the interior of the American saloon. In fact, the Aion Hyper GT is equipped with a real digital phone and a more classic steering wheel compared to Tesla’s Yoke. Which makes driving easier, while in a previous test we had been little skeptical of Elon Musk’s signature steering wheel.

A true GT

In general, the presentation is neat, whilethere are no longer physical buttons on the center console, which offers space for the smartphone, which can be recharged by induction. At the moment, Aion has not communicated on the dimensions of its sedan and therefore does not give information on the wheelbase. However, the latter seems quite long to believe the photos, while five people can fit in the car.

It is also specified that the driver and his passenger can listen to music thanks to speakers integrated directly into the headrests. A large panoramic roof brings light to the driving position, dressed in white leather, although other configurations will most likely be offered in the catalog. Nothing has been said yet about trunk space.

As a reminder, the Aion Hyper GT will be the world’s most aerodynamic production car at launch, ahead of the Mercedes EQS, with a Cd of just 0.19. It is not as good as the Lightyear 0 and its 0.175, while its production has finally stopped. Equipped with a LiDAR sensor, the sedan is equipped with autonomous driving, probably going up to level 3. Then it embarks a 250 kW electric motor, or about 340 horsepower of 434 Nm of torque, then achieving 0 to 100 km/h in about four seconds.

If the battery capacity is unknown, the sedan may support a charging power of 480 kW and it supports battery swapping, like the Nio and MG models in China. If the price has not yet been announced, the Aion Hyper GT could start at 45,000 euros. Destined for China, it is not excluded that the sedan will one day make its arrival in Europe, a very promising market for Asian brands.

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