LG recalls 56,700 TVs that can ‘kill children’

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Televisions can be dangerous. Therefore, LG is recalling 52,000 televisions to avoid the risk of accidents “that could cause injury or death to children.”

LG NANO75 TV // Source: LG

Some specialists affirm that it is preferable to avoid screens for young children for reasons of brain development (social confinement, language delay, etc.). However, there are other, much more serious risks, as outlined in the US Consumer Product Safety Commission’s (CPSC) recall notice.

Last Thursday, LG Electronics initiated a recall procedure for 56,700 of its televisions sold between March and September 2022. These are the 86UQ8000AUB, 86UQ7070ZUD, 86UQ7590PUD and 86NANO75UQA models, four 86-inch diagonal televisions sold mainly in North America and Mexico. A detail that has some importance in the story.

screens too heavy

The CPSC states that “the television may become unstable when on its stand, posing a serious tipping and pinching hazard that could result in injury or death to children or bystanders“It must be said that these screens weigh 45 kg, a weight that is not trivial in the event of an accident with small children.

In a statement sent to DigitalTrends, LG states that “the product is not defective and does not present an unreasonable hazard or risk“. However, when the bracket is not installed correctly, the TV may put too much pressure on it, causing the risk of falling. Therefore, to avoid any problem, LG has taken the necessary measures to avoid any material damage or even human.

question of feet

The problem essentially concerns the mounting of the TV stand, TVs mounted on the wall are not affected. The CPSC advises other users to remove the stand and place the TV in a safe place while they wait to receive screws and replacement parts (and possibly technical support) from LG.

Fortunately, no accident is to be regretted at the moment, but it does warn of the danger posed by these giant screens that sit enthroned in the middle of our living rooms. Even without foot failure, a rollover remains to be considered.

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