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In partnership with Douze Cycles, Toyota will market its first electric cargo bike. This model will be sold in the 300 dealers in its network, starting in September. The price remains unknown to this day.

Source : Toyota

Electric cargo bikes have definitely been on the rise since 2020. Sales figures increased from 3,000 units in 2019 to 11,000 units in 2020, to climb to 17,000 models in 2021, we learned from Union Sport & Cycle. Many brands have also positioned themselves in this niche, or have even strengthened their presence.

This time, it is Toyota France’s turn to embark on the adventure, together with a valued partner called Douze Cycles. The latter has made electric cargo bikes its specialty in recent years, and today it has a range of cargo bikes and longtails, aimed at individuals and professionals.

A renamed model… and very slightly modified

The freight VAE resulting from this partnership is called “Douze Cycles x Toyota Mobility”. But just take a look at the Douze Cycles catalog to notice one thing: this cycle is just a modified version of the Heta model, with one difference. Instead of the Shimano EP8 Cargo motor, a Yamaha motor invites itself to the party.

For the rest, the technical sheet does not differ. By the way, the automaker’s press release does not specify which Yamaha engine was selected for the occasion. The brand simply calls it “performer»: Should we therefore expect a torque system of at least 75 Nm? This would be the least we could do for a freighter.

The “DOUZE Cycles x Toyota Mobility” belongs to the category of two-wheeled vehicles: its structure is extended at the front to accommodate a 300-liter box capable of transporting goods (professional use), but also a total of three children . or an adult (general public use). At the front, the load capacity is 100 kg.

The Japanese firm mentions harness, back and seat belts in breathable fabric and step, without specifying whether these accessories are supplied as standard or available as an option.

reassuring brakes

The Dijon manufacturer cycle was designed from a monocoque aluminum frame: its molding, therefore, frees it from any welding folds. It is a little more in terms of finishes. The frame is also produced in France and is associated withrecycled materials and low environmental impact» on polymeric parts.

With a length of 2.75 meters, slightly longer than the average for two-wheelers, the “DOUZE Cycles x Toyota Mobility” is equipped with a removable 500 Wh battery, rechargeable in 4 hours. The group promises a range of 100 km, without specifying with which assistance mode this value was obtained. The final range must be less.

Our protagonist of the day is reassuring when it comes to braking, thanks to his Tektro M750 four-piston hydraulic disc brakes. For visibility, the friendly IQ-XS LED lights from Busch & Müller were preferred. You also have to rely on a Shimano Deore 10-speed drivetrain and Schwalbe Pick-Up tires (20-inch front, 26-inch rear).

Aimed at riders who are between 155 and 195 centimeters tall, the Toyota and Douze Cycles biporter has an adjustable stem to find your ideal riding position. Finally, a large center stand stabilizes the bike when stationary: always practical if you are transporting people or equipment.

Toyota and its vision of electric

No price has yet been indicated: we barely know its launch date, in September 2023, at the 300 dealers in the Toyota network. It’s worth remembering, however, Toyota’s disputed position toward electric vehicles in general. For a group manager, in the summer of 2022, electric cars were not the only solution. They even generated too much hype according to him.

It should be remembered that at the time, Toyota was not the best positioned in the market in terms of electric cars, which concentrates a lot of forces on hybrids – which the European Union wants to ban in the long term. From there to saying that his electric biporteur project makes him a bit opportunistic, there is only one step. Although always allow the benefit of the doubt.

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