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Getting a Mac Mini is fine. You still need the rest of the equipment to be able to enjoy it! Screen, keyboard and mouse, we have prepared two complete configurations, at a low price and with the best quality/price ratio.

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The Mac Mini M2 is a success: ultra-compact, quiet, powerful and, to top it off, not that expensive. So if you’ve decided to treat yourself and don’t already have a monitor, keyboard and mouse, we’ve put together two product picks that will go perfectly with Apple’s new office PC.

At best to warn you right away, aside from the Mac Mini itself, you won’t find any Apple references in these picks, simply because Apple-branded peripherals (monitors, keyboards, mice) are so expensive for what they are. Therefore, we look at the side of the competitors, namely Huawei, LG or Logitech. The objective: to build a complete PC ideal for office automation and multimedia. All this without sacrificing the aesthetic aspect, for an elegant office with maximum design.

Here you have two different configurations: one for less than 1300 euros quite high-end, and a second budget selection to get you out of it for less than 900 euros, all included with at least the following elements:

Mac Mini: the premium configuration for less than 1,300 euros

Do you want quality hardware that takes advantage of the performance of the Mac Mini M2? We are going for the best accessories to buy to enjoy your Mac Mini, also with style.

As for the sound, the LG screen has two speakers that will do the job. If you want better sound quality, you’ll need to invest in PC speakers or use a Bluetooth speaker.

Mac Mini: the cheap configuration for less than 900 euros

Do you want to control your budget as much as possible, saving on accessories? Here’s a selection of peripherals to build a functional PC out of the Mac Mini M2, at the most affordable price possible, without completely sacrificing quality. For its part, the Huawei Mateview SE offers good features at a more than reasonable price.

In this configuration, sound is provided directly by the Mac Mini which has a small speaker.

In any case, whichever configuration you decide to use, if you plan to do video conferences, you will need a Bluetooth headset or a PC headset. And for us to see you too, you’ll need to invest in a good webcam like the Logitech C920 Pro.

Do you prefer to finally opt for an Apple laptop? Take a look at our guide to the best MacBooks.

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