JBL headphones with spatial audio coming to Xbox Series and PS5

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Presented at the beginning of January, the new JBL Quantum 360 and Quantum 910 headsets dedicated to Xbox and PlayStation will hit the market.

The JBL Quantum 360P
The JBL Quantum 360P // Source: JBL

In parallel with its Bluetooth wireless headphones or mobile speakers, JBL launched a few years ago on the market for headphones dedicated to gamers. If the brand initially attacked the PC market with its JBL Quantum range, now JBL is looking to appeal to console gamers. At CES in Las Vegas, the manufacturer presented two ranges of headphones in January, both compatible with consoles from both Sony and Microsoft, the JBL Quantum 360 -following the JBL Quantum 350- and JBL Quantum 910.

The new models are already available on the market.

To fully understand what distinguishes the different models presented by JBL this Wednesday, one must understand that, for each headset, the Harman group brand has announced two versions: an X model for Xbox and a P model for PlayStation. So we are entitled to JBL Quantum 360X, JBL Quantum 360P, JBL Quantum 910X and JBL Quantum 910P. Obviously, apart from the compatibility with each console, the characteristics are identical between the two 360 models and the two versions of the 910.

In detail, like most gaming headsets, the JBL Quantum 360 and JBL Quantum 910 ship with a small USB adapter to enable latency-free gaming sessions, unlike Bluetooth. Both headphones also benefit from JBL’s DualSource function that will allow you to connect not only in 2.4 GHz to a console, but also in Bluetooth to your smartphone, practical for example if you receive a call.

Both versions of the JBL Quantum 360 also allow autonomy of up to 22 hours of use. The Quantum 360 range also includes 40mm drivers and a feature to balance the volume between game sounds and teammates’ voices.

JBL Quantum 910s with spatial audio

However, it’s really the JBL Quantum 910X and 910P that stand out as JBL’s best models. In fact, these two headphones benefit from 360-degree audio with head movement tracking. They also have an active noise reduction feature. The Quantum 910s also benefit from a boom mic that can be flipped up to automatically mute the sound. The onboard transducers are also larger with a diameter of 50mm. Finally, autonomy is also increasing with up to 37 hours of use announced.

The JBL Quantum 360X, JBL Quantum 360P, JBL Quantum 910X and JBL Quantum 910P headphones will be available in March 2023 at a price of €129.95 for the 360 ​​versions and €299.95 for the 910 versions. P will be available in color white and the X versions in black to match the consoles. Of course, all models will also be compatible with PC.

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