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According to information from the German media “WinFuture”, the Google Pixel Fold would be launched in June. The presentation of Google’s first folding smartphone is scheduled for the Google I/O to be held next May. A release date that would be similar for the Pixel 7a.

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The Google Pixel Fold has been on the foldable smartphone market for a long time and for good reason: the dedicated features for this format that the Pixel Experience can provide could make it an excellent foldable smartphone. the german site winfuture reveals the release date and prices of the different configurations of the Pixel Fold, based on data from the retailers’ databases. Something to learn more about the Pixel 7a price and release date too.

The Pixel Fold would arrive in June

The journalist Roland Quandt said that in addition to news in artificial intelligence, Google will present its Pixel Fold this May 10 at its annual conference, Google I / O 2023. There we should discover the Pixel 7a, but also its first folding smartphone, the Pixel Fold . .

The media winfuture understands that these two models would be marketed” since the beginning of june during the second week. The Pixel Fold would be available in a single configuration with 256 GB of storage, in the colors “ Coal ” and ” Porcelain These would be earthy grey/black and sort of a white/beige respectively. Google would also be marketing at least three colored cases for its Pixel Fold.

However, there may be different storage capacities available in other markets, but for Europe it would be 256GB or nothing. Regarding the price, for winfuture, the Pixel Fold would not necessarily be cheap, the site talks about around 1700 euros (this can change depending on local taxes). A price that would undoubtedly be 100 euros cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, but that would not throw a rock at the price. Be careful anyway, the journalist specifies that these “ The price indications are not reliable at all. “Without a doubt, unfortunately we will have to wait for the officialization of the phone.

A Pixel 7a also in the boxes for June

As for the Pixel 7a, it would also arrive in June, perhaps in a single configuration including 128 GB of storage, at least in Europe according to information from Roland Quandt. The latter notes that this capability had previously been seen in Vietnam.

Image of the unofficial Pixel 7a in hand // Source: Zing News

The colors available would be Coal », « Cotton », « arctic blue “and possibly” Jade “. This corresponds to the colors dark grey/black, white and blue respectively. On the price side, resellers We are talking about prices that are around 500 euros. Also, photos of the Pixel 7a leaked today, revealing the design of Google’s next smartphone. Another recent leak also provided an update on the technical features of the Pixel 7a.

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