It’s official, YouTube Music will launch in podcasts

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At a dedicated podcast event, YouTube announced plans to launch podcasts on the YouTube Music app. This novelty will initially affect only the United States.

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It was during the Hot Pod Summit, held as part of On Air Fest in Brooklyn, that YouTube Podcast Director Kai Chuk announced the arrival of podcasts on YouTube Music. Until then, the streaming music application was orphaned and left the field open to its competitor Spotify, which has been offering it since 2015.

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The YouTube manager clarified that YouTube Music podcasts will be landing in the near future… only in the US to begin with. The first details about the future operation of this feature have also been communicated. The media 9to5Google made a short list based on the information transmitted by the participants in the event.

First, a podcast will be able to be heard on YouTube Music even when your phone screen is locked. Initially, only audio tracks will be available in the app – video will not be supported, at least not at launch. It will also be possible to start a podcast on one device and continue it on another device.

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The Google platform also intends to monetize this feature as audio ads will be produced during podcasts. It has not been specified if the additional paid options will make it possible to do without the famous ads. For its part, Google Podcasts shouldn’t be shut down immediately. But ultimately, we figured it out.

Finally, YouTube will refine its algorithm dedicated to podcasts, always recommending better content related to your listening habits. Additionally, YouTube channels will be entitled to a fully dedicated “Podcast” tab, even if no rollout date has yet been announced.

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