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The government gives news about its electric car project at 100 euros a year. And we will still have to have a little patience, while the first reservations will not open before the end of the year.

Remember, it was March 2022. At that time, Emmanuel Macron was already in the running for re-election in the presidential election. And among the many promises made to the French, the Head of State announced in particular social leasing establishment, to encourage motorists to use electricity. A measure that is added to the existing ones such as the bonus and the ecological penalty, and that should help the French with low purchasing power. All this with the deadline of 2035, the year from which the sale of thermal cars in Europe will be prohibited.

finally some news

But if then the announcement by the President of the Republic had caused a stir at the time, the government finally seemed to put this measure aside. Last June, the Minister for the Ecological Transition, Agnès Pannier-Runacher, said that the implementation of this aid “will not not for now“. He then explained that he had to make sure that all parties involved were on the same page.

Several months later, where are we on this measure, when electric car sales surpassed diesel sales in December? Well here we finally have news after long months, but it will be better not to be in a hurry. In fact, the Minister of Ecological Transition, Christophe Béchu spoke into the microphone of France Information.

🗣 “The issue is the launch of the leasing at €100”, according to the minister, who promises to “launch it in 2023” to find out who will be able to benefit from it. “Reservations can be made” at the end of the year “We will have 100,000 electrical terminals in a few days.”

-franceinfo (@franceinfo) February 22, 2023

The latter did not give much new information, but simply stated that “Reservations will be possible at the end of the year”. A date further away from the one announced at the beginning by Emmanuel Macron, who also mentioned the year 2023, without giving further details. In future, it will be necessary rather expect deliveries within the next year.

Especially since the conditions are still not very clear, while the government does not seem to have made a decision. For example, we don’t know if the rental at 100 euros will be valid during the entire detention of the vehicle or for a defined period, for example, just the first year. It has not been specified whether the scrapping of your old thermal car will be mandatory in terms of the conversion premium. Therefore, there are still many gray areas.

financing difficulties

But that is not all. Because the government will also have to find a solution to finance these cars at 100 euros. Because as the site reminds us automotive cleaning, the price of electric vehicles has risen strongly in 2022, whether for purchase or lease. For example, you have to account for 139 euros per month for a Dacia Spring in LLD for 49 months, after an initial contribution of 2,500 euros and taking into account the ecological bonus of 5,000 euros.

And it is that the urban car is one of the cheapest on the market and is made in China. Gold, the government wants to favor cars made in Europe, while he plans to withdraw the bonus for those who are not. This will be the case with the Spring, but also with the Tesla Model 3 and other MG 4s. For example, a Renault Zoé made in France costs then 263 euros per month in LDD 37 months with a contribution of 7,500 euros.

At the moment, the government has not yet given details on how this project will be financed, which will be aimed in particular at the most modest households, who also benefit from a more generous bonus of 7,000 euros. But we still don’t know what the conditions will be to get this help and if, for example, it will be conditional on taxable income.

A few months ago, the government mentioned two categories of people eligible for this device “ that seem indisputable: those for whom the vehicle is a work tool ” and ” those who cannot afford to switch to a clean vehicle because it is too expensive in today’s market“. It will also have to deal with extended delivery times, due to semiconductor shortages, which are expected to last into next year.

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