its autonomous driving will outperform other Teslas, here’s why

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Scheduled for this summer, the Tesla Cybertruck will be the brand’s first model equipped with Hardware 4 (HW4), a new version of embedded hardware. If the improvements have not yet been detailed, it is very likely that they relate in particular to the autopilot, which could become more efficient.

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The Tesla Cybertruck has been delayed for many years, with its official reveal already dating back to 2019. But since then, apart from a few prototypes seen on the roads, no sign of the electric truck. Until last July, when Elon Musk finally announced a release date, for the summer of 2023. Information that he reconfirmed a few days ago, during the presentation of the results of the 4th quarter.

A new processor for autonomous driving

However, and as Elon Musk has pointed out, this will not have a strong impact on sales figures this year, while production will be very limited in 2023 and it will be necessary to wait until 2024 for it to really accelerate. Especially since the Cybertruck is a bit late to its rivals, the Ford F-150 Lightning, Rivian R1T and other Chevrolet Silverado EVs.

But the company, based in Texas, will have to bet in particular on the technological endowment of its newcomer to gain a foothold in this increasingly competitive market. In fact, during his conference with his investors, Elon Musk gave new information about his Cybertruck, broadcast by the American site. InsideEVs. The latter then officially announces that “ the Cybertruck will be equipped with Hardware 4« .

Tesla Cybertruck // Source: Tesla

If this doesn’t mean much to you, it’s perfectly normal. And yet, this system is of paramount importance, since it is he who is responsible for the operation of the FSD autonomous driving system and Autopilot. Currently, the vehicles marketed by the brand, namely Model 3, Model Y, Model S and Model X, are equipped with Hardware 3, introduced in 2019. The latter can also be installed on vehicles equipped with the previous version 2.5.

This then happens to the system designed by the company Nvidia. Compared to version 2, version 3 (also known as Complete stand-alone computer 1) adds various features, such as taking into account trash cans, traffic cones, and traffic lights. A function that was not yet offered in 2016, the year in which the controversial video showing the brand’s autonomous driving capabilities was released. Hardware 3 is required to be able to take advantage of the FSD (Complete self-driving) in North America. Older versions are not powerful enough for this evolution of autonomous driving.

An even more efficient system

For now, no information has yet been officially revealed about the additional features provided by Hardware 4, which will therefore be inaugurated by the Tesla Cybertruck. But according to the first rumors, it should offer a power three times higher than that of the current version. Of course, it should also allow the electric van to enjoy safer autonomous driving thanks to the new functions.

In any case, this is what green twitter account, which explains that Hardware 4 appeared in the FSD Beta 10.11 update code. According to the Internet user, this new version would not be content with being faster and more reactive.

HW4 made an official appearance in production code with FSDBeta 10.11
While rumors said it would be very similar to hw3 only more/faster RAM, in fact the differences seem to be more than that.
The exact details remain somewhat hazy, but the official release is likely to be very soon.

– green (@greentheonly) March 15, 2022

As we mentioned in a previous article, Hardware 4 will go hand-in-hand with the removal of a front-facing camera, which will then only be two, compared to three so far. However, the resolution of the rest would be improved, while a fan will be installed just behind. It should be noted that Tesla plans to return to radar to guarantee autonomous driving in its cars, with a millimeter system, more efficient than conventional radar.

you will probably have to wait until March 1, the date of Investor Day, during which Elon Musk will undoubtedly elaborate. So it could be that the upcoming redesigned Model 3 will also be equipped with this system, as well as the future Tesla Model 2. On the other hand, cars equipped with version 3 will not be able to upgrade as the boss explained. of the brand, broadcast by electric. But according to him, the Hardware 3 should already surpass human capabilities in terms of autonomous driving.

It remains to be seen if only the US market, where the FSD is currently in beta testing, will be affected by this update or if cars sold here will also be affected, even if this system that resembles level 3 driving still not offered. in the territory, although it has been legal since this summer. At the moment, only Mercedes allows its customers to drive hands-free and unsupervised on the road, in its EQS and S-Class.

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