It is possible to buy electric bicycles La Poste, at an attractive final price

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A France 2 report highlights a La Poste subsidiary whose role is to restore dilapidated electric bikes. Once manufactured, each model is sold at an affordable price of 1,290 euros.

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One of the main obstacles to buying an electric bike is undoubtedly the price. You made it clear to us without any ambiguity in one of our surveys, in 2021 the average price of a VAE was, for example, 1,993 euros. To spend without breaking the bank, there are several solutions.

Basic range electric bicycles are an alternative to consider, to the detriment of an optimal experience. The other idea is to look at refurbished models, which are gradually gaining power. The Upway company has made it their specialty.

70% of the parts are recycled

Another lesser-known player has also positioned itself in this niche… for a particular type of bike: La Poste’s electrified bikes. The genesis of this project must be attributed to Jean-Marc Pierret, former director of a post office, who wanted to react after learning of the tragic fate of La Poste VAE, which was considered to be in poor condition.

This story is told to us by the France 2 teams, who went to Tours (Indre-et-Loire) to meet Nouvelle Attitude, the La Poste subsidiary in charge of the project. This branch currently employs four people in professional reintegration and aims to double its workforce during the year 2023.

🚲 A La Poste employee had the idea to recycle postmen’s bikes to benefit those who want it. The bike is electric and is sold at a good price.

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— Information France 2 (@infofrance2) January 3, 2023

The idea is simple: yellow La Poste bicycles judged to be in poor condition are sent to the Tours workshop. The process then consists of disassembling them, classifying the functional components, washing them and then reassembling them. In total, 70% of the parts are recycled. On the contrary, 30% of the components are new.

The Project Recy’Clo site provides interesting details on the ins and outs of the project. Nouvelle Attitude makes a point of honor to the safety and reliability of the bicycle, since the main components in this area are new: tires, seat, transmission, lighting, reflector, cables and covers or even levers.

Good theoretical autonomy

In addition, the frame and fork are completely disassembled and bare, the subsidiary specifies. The bearings are then removed, greased or changed depending on their condition. The frame and fork, always, also pass a “penetration weld inspection (non-destructive testing) carried out by APAVE“We can read.

This method consists of detecting emerging discontinuities, a crack, for example, by applying a liquid on the surface to be examined.

The technical sheet of reconditioned bicycles and then resold to professionals or individuals contains interesting elements. Like the 65 Nm torque, which should ensure some dynamism. The 561 Wh battery claims a range of 80 kilometers. On the other hand, it is not specified what type of sensor is used: torque or rotation sensor.

Less than 1500 euros

The presence of a front and rear luggage rack makes this VAE practical, as it is capable of carrying various loads. On the other hand, his weight of 29 kg clearly does not make him a featherweight. It is an element to take into account, as is its length of 195 cm. Finally, you have a six-speed transmission to contend with.

The La Poste refurbished model is below the average price of a VAE in France, since it officially costs 1,290 euros – at this price or less there are other models such as the NCM C5 or the Decathlon Elops 120 E. In the future, two new workshops will open their doors to pick up the pace: one in Lyon, the other in Rouen.

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