it is not necessary to unlock the smartphone to follow a route

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Google today held a conference dedicated to artificial intelligence. The opportunity to advertise your latest developments on Google Maps. The GPS application sees its immersive vision and augmented reality functions improved and, above all, more widely deployed.

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Source: CardMapr via Unsplash

Google held a conference in Paris this Wednesday, February 8, dedicated to artificial intelligence. The firm presented its news, specifically on the Google Maps side. The GPS application is enriched a little more, on the program: the immersive view, the Live View augmented reality function, a more optimized use for electric cars and directions at a glance.

Immersive view will roll out more widely

Introduced at Google I/O last year, the ” immersive view» Combine satellite photos and Street View imagery to render 3D buildings right in the app. Above it, information is displayed, “such as the weather, road traffic and frequentation of a place.“From now on, we can see what a particular place is like depending on the weather (sun, storm, snow, etc.) thanks to a map”over time“. Finally, the functionimmersive viewallows you to visit the interior of a restaurant, a museum, etc. to know what to expect before going there.

An immersive view on Google Maps // Source: Google

Google announces that the rollout of immersive views was underway in London, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Tokyo. But it will be available in the coming months in several new cities”,including Amsterdam, Dublin, Florence and Venice.“As noted our colleagues fromnumeralthis statement was made in Paris, a city that is not on the list of cities that will benefit from the immersive view.

Augmented reality returns to Google Maps

Also presented a few months ago, the “live viewof the Google application marks the great return of augmented reality, after previous failed attempts. In any case, when you open the camera on your smartphone, places in the field of view will see a Google card appear, indicating the name of the place, the type, the average rating, etc.

« Live view » on Google Maps // Source : Google

According to Google, this function allows you to find useful places,such as ATMs, restaurants, parks or public transport stopsThis time, Live View has recently been available in Paris, along with London, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Tokyo. In the coming months, Barcelona, ​​Dublin and Madrid will also be able to benefit from it.

The « Indoor Live View » function // Source : Google

Google Maps can also show directional arrows in augmented reality to find you, for example, in an airport or in a shopping center. This function, calledIndoor Live View“will cover”in the coming months more than 1,000 new airports, stations and shopping centers in Barcelona, ​​Berlin, Frankfurt, London, Madrid, Melbourne, Paris, Prague, São Paulo, Singapore, Sydney, Taipei and Tokyo.»

Check a trip without unlocking your smartphone: now it’s possible

Latest novelty on the smartphone side of Google Maps, the ability to follow your route from your lock screen, without having to unlock it. Google Maps shows the estimated travel time and the next directions. It is no longer necessary to use the navigation mode, the mode “letterit may be enough.

Directions “at a glance” from Google Maps // Source: Google

A function that can be useful, especially if you are riding a bicycle or electric scooter and need to look at your route. If you wear gloves, you cannot use the fingerprint. Google says that if you take another route, the route will change automatically. HE “instructions at a glanceit will also roll out in the coming months on Android and iOS. Furthermore, they”will also support Live Activities in iOS 16.1“. If you own an iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro Max, this should be good for you.

A quick word on the navigation mode for electric cars, Google Maps is improving the rest-to-charge proposals. The app also adds a filter “super fast charginghave the most powerful terminals and specifies whether places like supermarkets have terminals.

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