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While we expect a worldwide launch of the Xiaomi 13 series at MWC next week, we’ve learned that Xiaomi has dropped the 13S range (with the Pro and Ultra models). A half generation that tried to correct the problems of the main series while improving certain points.

The Xiaomi 12S Ultra developed in collaboration with Leica
The Xiaomi 12S Ultra developed in collaboration with Leica // Source: Xiaomi

Starting on February 27, the MWC, the world’s largest fair dedicated to smartphones, will take place in Barcelona. Xiaomi is obviously part of this and has some announcements planned. Among them, the brand is expected to unveil the global launch of the Xiaomi 13 series, which is already available in China. While traditionally we are entitled to a series ” Sderived from the main (numbered) series, this will not be the case this year. It is even the CEO of Xiaomi Lei Jun who stated it on the Chinese social network Weibo, as reported china gadget .

The Xiaomi 13S, 13S Pro and 13S Ultra were not planned

Lei Jun said that his company “had no mid-gen upgrade plans for the Xiaomi 13which implies that there will be no Xiaomi 13S series.china gadgetexplains for his part this choice by provide a more stable and consistent user experience.»

The four colors of the Xiaomi 12S // Source: Xiaomi

A decision that will not really affect the French market. In fact, this half-generation tradition in force for several years did not exist in France. For example, last year the Xiaomi 12S, 12S Pro and 12S Ultra were launched only in China.

Xiaomi is in line with the market trend.

In fact, we can consider that Xiaomi is following what many other brands are doing, that is, launching fewer different models. This is part of a purification of the ranges so as not to lose consumers, but also to improve the care given to Xiaomi smartphones.

Double-sided view of the Xiaomi 12S // Source: Xiaomi

The most illustrative case of this trend is Nothing with the telephone (1). The declared desire of the brand is to take care of a flagship model, particularly in terms of user experience and updates. Although a Nothing phone is in the works (2) and the manufacturer is very recent, it testifies to this general orientation. This could be an opportunity for Xiaomi to take care of the software part of its devices, which is rarely well received in our tests. The opportunity also to potentially deliver major and security updates for longer periods. Samsung entered the race, followed by OnePlus or Oppo, who announced four years of updates on many references.

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