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An annual internal summit dedicated to AI is scheduled for next week at Apple. Enough to present a roadmap on the brand’s projects, ahead of the next WWDC in June. Apple could enter the artificial intelligence market battle alongside Microsoft and Google.

The Apple logo // Source: Nathan Le Gohlisse for Frandroid

The artificial intelligence market is being pushed: this Tuesday, February 7, Microsoft will hold an important conference on the subject, just before Google’s the next day. Doubt is no longer allowed: war is declared for AI. But if Apple has been quiet about this market from the start, it couldn’t last. It is rumored that a very important meeting would be held at the company’s offices next week, on artificial intelligence.

TO ” WWDC » internal dedicated to AI

This is journalist Mark Gurman from Bloomberg, always very aware of the company’s current affairs, which he affirms. In a tweet posted overnight (French time), he indicates that Apple ” is hosting its annual internal AI summit next week ”, which would be planned before the announcement of the Google and Microsoft conferences. He is pointing out that “it’s like a WWDC for AI, but only for Apple employees.»

Hot on the heels of the OpenAI, ChatGPT noise, and Google+ Microsoft AI releases, Apple will hold its (previously scheduled) annual internal AI summit next week. It’s like a WWDC for AI, but only for Apple employees.

—Mark Gurman (@markgurman) February 6, 2023

Journalist add that “the event will take place at the Steve Jobs Theaterlocated at the physical headquarters of Apple. Employees will also be able to follow live meetings remotely. Since the health crisis, Apple has hosted its media events remotely, without a physical conference.

by his side,Mac generationspecifies that Apple had abandoned the obligation to have a negative Covid-19 test to go to the offices. Therefore, it is questionable if Apple will reopen its doors for product launches in the coming months, for the next WWDC or the launch of the iPhone 15.

What Apple prepares for artificial intelligence in 2023

It’s hard to know what Apple’s plans are in 2023 on the AI ​​side, as rumors are rare. At the beginning of the year, the brand offered a series of audiobooks read by an automatically generated voice.

However, we can dream of imagining a redesign of Siri, Apple’s voice assistant. In fact, it has been behind Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa for years. There are still a lot of questions that he can’t answer and he gets away with making a joke or going off topic.

Perhaps Apple could introduce new features, for example to more widely auto-respond to emails or text messages. This could be the case with a Siri behaving like ChatGPT in some way.

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