Instax launches a new instant camera ideal for your parties

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Fujifilm has introduced its new Instax Mini 12, an instant camera that will allow you to more easily adjust its settings to avoid poorly framed photos.

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 12
Le Fujifilm Instax Mini 12 // Source: Fujifilm

If Fujifilm is a major player in the world of digital photography, through its APS-C bodies, like the X-H2 or X-H2S, or medium format, like the GFX 100S or GFX 50S II, the Japanese manufacturer continues to make instant cameras much easier to use for the general public, with its Instax Mini range.

This Thursday, Fujifilm also introduced the latest addition to its range of instant cameras, the Fujifilm Instax Mini 12. As expected, this new camera follows the Instax Mini 11. This is a camera in the pure line of what Polaroid could offer in the past with a case that is very easy to handle and that will allow you to directly develop the photos.

As reported by the American site the edge, the main difference between the new Instax Mini 12 and its predecessor is in its lens. In fact, it is possible to activate the mode ” Close up directly from the lens, not by pressing a button. As a reminder, this mode, already present in the previous version, allows you to have an identical field of view in both the viewfinder and the lens when taking photos close to the subject. One way to ensure that you won’t end up with poorly cropped photos once printed.

Le Fujifilm Instax Mini 12 // Source: Fujifilm

The same goes for turning on the device, which is now done directly from the lens, by turning it, without having to press a dedicated key.

An ergonomic film camera

For the rest of the features, the Instax Mini 12 has a lens with a focal length of 60mm, equivalent to 33mm, with an aperture of f/12.7. Of course, this is a film camera, so without sensors, but using Fujifilm’s instant film in the Instax Mini format.

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 12 offers a similar size to previous models at 104 x 122 x 66.6 mm and a weight, without batteries, strap and film, of 306 grams.

The device will be available from March 16. It is available in five colors (white, green, blue, pink and purple) at a price of 89.99 euros. As always, also factor the price of Fujifilm Instax Mini films into the equation, with 20 photos priced at around €17.

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