Instagram launches a new silent mode to recover your image with teenagers

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In a blog post published on Thursday, January 19, Meta introduced a new Instagram feature aimed at reducing screen time for its young users. Silent mode, as presented, is initially rolled out only in six English-speaking countries.

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Instagram welcomes silent mode. This new feature was just unveiled by the app’s parent company, Meta, in a blog post published on January 19. This feature was designed for a very specific purpose: to help young users disconnect from their phone to better focus on other tasks.

The principle of silent mode is self-evident: when it is activated, you no longer receive any notifications from Instagram. Also, the activity status of your profile changes and informs your community that a silent mode is activated. If you receive a message, an automatic reply is sent to your correspondent.

Summary of missed notifications

All these little mechanisms allow you to prevent your followers that the mode in question is appropriate. By doing so, no one can believe an attempt to ghosting – the fact of ignoring a person – ephemeral. Instagram also allows you to schedule one or more time slots in which silent mode will be active.

For example, if you think that Instagram makes you too addicted to screens at night before falling into the arms of Morpheus, turning on silent mode from 11:00 p.m. may be an appropriate solution. Once said mode is deactivated, the application gives you a summary of the notifications received during the period.

Meta introduces a second new feature of the software: it will be possible to select and hide various content suggestions from the Explorer interface. Like the fact blacklist a series of specific words, emojis or hashtags, to block the recommended content to which it is linked.

The American group specifies that the silent mode is initially available in the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, but hopes to roll it out in other countries in the future.

improve your image

It should be noted that the blog post is specifically targeted at teens. This position is not insignificant since it responds in a certain way to the report of the Wall Street Journal, published in 2021, according to which Instagram had harmful psychological effects on adolescents. According to the outlet, Facebook was aware of this after an internal investigation.

gizmodo it raises other alarming questions that are supported by academic research. According to them, links have been established between increased screen time and a decrease in certain cognitive abilities, but also an increase in symptoms of depression.

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