Innovative Car Batteries, Revolutionary Artificial Intelligence, and Upside-Down Netflix Accounts: This Week’s Tech News

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This week, the world of technology was marked by a promise of great innovation in electric car batteries, demonstrations of revolutionary artificial intelligence for the Web and more controlled Netflix accounts.

Two AI, represented by robots, compete // Source: Image created by Frandroid with Midjourney

AI battle off to a bad start for Google Bard

The AI ​​war is launched between two giants. For one, Microsoft integrates ChatGPT with Bing and Edge. On the other hand, Google Bard received a presentation with much fanfare. However, if the first one could be quite convincing with the impressive capabilities of ChatGPT, the second one got off to a more difficult start with a blunder that cost very, very, very, very dearly.

Who do you think will revolutionize the web first?

Electric cars: lithium-free batteries from 2023

The world’s leading manufacturer of batteries for electric cars, CATL, is due to start mass-producing the first non-lithium batteries this year, which are supposed to revolutionize the sector. Therefore, many things will change in our vehicles.

Netflix vs account sharing

The most famous SVoD platform, Netflix, does not like sharing accounts… especially since it is a very popular practice. After announcing measures to curb this trend, the company went back on its words to revive the issue even more ardently with more thoughtful restrictions. This was not lacking: the end of free account sharing is already affecting Europe and we know the amount of the extra cost to avoid it.

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