In Google Messages, you can now react with all the emojis

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Google Messages now includes the entire gallery of emojis in response to text messages. Handy, as long as you have friends on the same app.

Google Messages is constantly being enriched with little additional features. After a redesign of its visual identity, the upcoming arrival of voicemail transcription, SMS and instant chat app has just added a very nice new emoji-based feature, discovered by 9to5Google.

The emojis grow

If you could already react to a message sent by SMS or RCS using emojis, the option was limited until now to six basic emojis (thumbs up or down, smile with hearts in the eyes, surprised emoji with open mouth, crying emoji, crying emoji laughing and angry emoji). Now it is the complete gallery of emojis that is available for you. They are also animated.

We knew the feature was coming, we finally saw it on a Pixel 7 Pro being used by a staff member. If your correspondent also uses Google Messages, you will be able to see the reactions in question. If your caller is using another app or an iPhone, they’ll receive the traditional messages describing an emoji reaction.

In principle, the functionality is already available in the stable version of the application. Unless you haven’t updated it, you should be able to enjoy it by now.

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