In addition to being practical, Xiaomi’s 1S electric inflator is at a 25% discount

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More compact and much less tiring than a classic air pump, Xiaomi’s 1S Electric Air Pump is a must-have for budding cyclists. It is also designed for an electric scooter, your balls and even the tires of your car. If you are interested in this little wonder, you should know that its price ranges from 59.99 euros to 45 euros on Amazon.

Xiaomi is not limited only to the market for smartphones and connected objects, the Chinese manufacturer also offers electric bicycles and scooters. The famous brand also offers lovers of smooth mobility this electric air pump, so practical that it requires no physical effort to inflate the tires of your bicycle. With a 25% discount, this ideal complement to take care of your tires becomes a good offer on Amazon.

Advantages of the Xiaomi Air Pump 1S

  • Its five preset air pressure modes
  • Compact and easy to transport
  • It even checks tire pressure.

Instead of the usual 59.99 euros, the Xiaomi Mi Portable Air Pump 1S is now available on sale for 45 euros on Amazon.

Versatile and to take with you everywhere

This Xiaomi Electric Air Pump 1S comes in a portable steel case with a digital LED display and control buttons. The display shows essential information such as the pressure mode and the progress of the air fill. Navigation is easy, as is tire or balloon inflation where a maximum pressure can be set, which cannot exceed 10.3 bar (150 PSI).

This pump weighs only 480 grams and is therefore easy to transport, unlike most of the rather bulky hand pumps. Therefore, you can take it everywhere during your bike rides in the countryside, it can help you in case of an unexpected puncture. Also, the Air Pump 1S is equipped with an LED bulb if you ever have to use it at night. You can use it for your bike and ball, as well as a scooter, motorcycle, and even a car.

efficient performance

With its 2000 mAh battery, the 1S electric air pump is capable of inflating 5 car tires, 6 motorcycle tires, 8 bicycle tires and up to 41 balls on a single charge. It recharges with a USB-C cable, and recharging takes less than three hours. According to the manufacturer, this air pump is 45% more efficient than the previous model, in practice it gives an inflated bicycle tire in two minutes and an inflated motorcycle or car tire in five minutes.

The pump has five different inflation modes, each with its own set air pressure value, to make the pump more comfortable to use and prevent over-inflation. Xiaomi Electric Air Pump 1S comes with its charging cable, removable needle, air valve, user manual, and storage case so you can take it with you anywhere. This product has been tested to ensure maximum durability and safety.

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