Illegal streaming is picking up, but it’s not about to die

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The ACE anti-piracy coalition has launched several new investigations targeting dozens of IPTV streaming services, apps and sites. Even with the democratization of SVoD services, piracy is still relevant, as is the fight against it.

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Several investigations have been opened in the United States with the aim of damaging illegal downloading or streaming sites, thanks to subpoenas filed by ACE, the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (Entertainment in French) in the Central Court of California. This alliance brings together the main players in the market: Disney, FOX, HBO, Hulu, MGM, Bein, Universal, Netflix, Paramount, Sky, Sony Pictures, Warner Bros., Amazon, Canal, etc. how do you remember torrentfreakthat reveals this information, the “ ACE has been known to put continuous pressure on until something gives way“. How to put an end to audiovisual content piracy? Nothing is less secure.

Long work of rights holders for years.

The medium specialized in illegal downloading of news recalls that this coalition has existed for five years and is committed to the long term. Having figures on the results of their work is complicated, since the ACE does not publish statistics. According totorrentfreak «In the month of December 2022 alone, ACE was able to take control or render inoperative more than 40 domains, even more than 50».

Banners issued by ACE on illegal streaming sites // Source: TorrentFreak

Since its creation in 2017, more than 600 domains have become inactive thanks to the action of the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment. Each time, the addresses are redirected to the coalition site, displaying a login banner. The goal each time is to get a copyright infringement citation, which “is often a sign of trouble to come» for the services in question.

Ongoing assignments: IPTV services, streaming sites and apps in the crosshairs

torrentfreaktherefore, it has published a roundup of streaming sites and services that ACE has named in subpoenas against host Cloudflare recently for copyright infringement issues.

streaming apps

The media give the example of HDO Box, a streaming application, but illegal. Its host (which does not host the video files), Cloudflare, is requested to provide the contact details of the owner of the app.

Illegal streaming app HDO Box // Source: TorrentFreak

The latter allows you to watch movies and series in high definition through an application for Android and iOS. It claims to be available on the Google Play Store and App Store, which is actually not the case. We can’t recommend it highly enough, but don’t download this type of app – it’s illegal in the first place and may contain viruses.

IPTV services

Another example of a subpoena targets another service hosted by Cloudflare. ace wishesobtain the names, physical addresses, IP addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, payment information, account updates, and account histories of the people behind two IPTV websites.Some services claim to offer access to 10,000 TV channels.

streaming sites

Other copyright infringement summonses have been filed against Cloudflare seeking personal information from the publishers of illegal streaming sites. 40 domain names are targeted in total.

Towards the end of the piracy of movies and series? we are still far away

In mid-January, Sony also wants to crack down on TV piracy, filing for a patent on technology that aims to detect pirated apps. We wish you good luck, because piracy is not going to die.

Source: Daniel Norin- Unsplash

With the fragmentation of the supply of streaming and retransmission of sporting events, it is still just as interesting for viewers to resort to piracy. If in France Arcom multiplies the blocks and observes a reduction in the number of users of illegal services and that the blocks through ISPs have some success, there are still many users of these illegal methods.

To understand this, a metaphor often given to streaming sites is that of the Lernaean Hydra. It is a creature from Greek mythology that has a particularity in the legend of the twelve labors of Heracles: when you cut off a head, two of them grow back. On the side of illegal streaming services, it’s a bit the same: it’s quite easy to relaunch them, for example, by changing the domain name.

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