Ikea launches an affordable sensor to measure indoor pollution in your home

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Ikea continues to enrich its offer in the field of connected devices and accessories for the home. The Swedish giant opens this week in France a small connected station to estimate the quality of the air in your interior at a lower cost.

Here is Vindstyrka, the small station launched by Ikea to estimate the air quality in the home // Source: IKEA

Known for its furniture kits, Ikea is also moving into the landscape of connected objects dedicated to the home. The brand, which has already launched motion detectors, speakers, connected lamps and bulbs, or even wireless charging bases, is launching a new accessory this week in France. Called Vindstyrka, this small station allows you to measure your indoor air quality.

On the menu, a small white box with a screen that takes up most of its facade. Two buttons at the top and a USB-C input for power supply below. The information displayed on the screen can also be consulted directly on an iPhone or Android smartphone, but this requires the use of the new Dirigera hub, sold separately by Ikea and compatible with Matter. The latter allows you to control the brand’s connected products. Note that as iGen specifies, Vindstyrka is not compatible with the old Trådfri gateway.

Vindstyrka, a basic but complete resort… and affordable

In the detail of what it allows, the small Ikea station measures the level of PM2.5 fine particles. These are made up of a mixture of smoke, aerosols and other biological materials. They represent a health hazard when inhaled. In addition to this air quality estimate, Vindstyrka also displays indoor temperature, ambient humidity level, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Source: IKEA

As iGen points out, the Vindstyrka can finally be paired with the Starkvind connected air purifier, also marketed by Ikea (no wonder with that name…). The latter may be activated automatically as soon as the air quality becomes too degraded.

Regarding availability, the Vindstyrka station is already on display on the French Ikea site, at a price of 29.99 euros. However, it is only available in certain stores at the moment and should not be available on a large scale in France before April.

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