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The group behind Matter, the protocol dedicated to the unification of connected objects, announces that it is attacking technological objects related to health, such as connected watches. This is enough to unify the applications dedicated to health, but also to ensure the interoperability of all systems, as it does in home automation.

Matter connects all your home automation devices // Source: Frandroid

Matter is a protocol managed by the Connectivity Standards Alliance (not to be confused with the French CSA which is integrated into Arcom). It is a group of several companies with activities in home automation, with big names like Apple, Google, Samsung, Amazon, etc. Following the connected home, the CSA has announced that it wants to address the connected health and wellness market, as indicated the edge.

Matter wants to be supported by our wearable

The CSA says it has created a working group tasked with developing ” a standardization and certification program for health and wellness technologies “We can read in the English media. It would be an equivalent to Matter, but for all wearableas well as other technological objects related to connected health.

The monitor connects Withings Steel HR. // Source: Withings.

The stated goal of the CSA is to help older consumers delay addiction. At the moment, we have very little information about the project: development is only in its infancy. Forthe edgeuses are great, “such as remote patient monitoring, chronic disease management and home care.In reality, Matter’s strength would not be from a technological point of view: the systems already exist, but they are not interoperable enough. It is precisely at this point where Matter could change everything, as he tries to do in the field of home automation.

Matter is already imagining potential applications

The example given by Aaron Goldmuntz, chair of the new task force and director of operations for the Center for Medical Interoperability, is that of fall detection. Apple Watch or Samsung Galaxy Watch have had this function for several years. In an ecosystem managed entirely through Matter, if a fall is detected by a connected object capable of monitoring the way a user moves in a house, it could confirm it through a connected watch. The latter could then confirm it and alert the emergency services, as well as emergency contacts. When they arrive, a connected lock could be unlocked to let the people involved in.

The Xiaomi Smart Band 7 without its bracelet
The Xiaomi Smart Band 7 without its bracelet // Source: Robin Wycke for Frandroid

However, this is still a given scenario, for example, we don’t yet know if it will be possible to configure it when this health issue is released, if it is implemented one day. In fact, there are many difficulties to overcome: the health-related requirements are higher in terms of reliability and privacy compared to the connected home. A problem that Aaron Goldmuntz does not deny, who nevertheless imagines short-term possibilities that would affect products already on the market.

At this time, it is unclear which companies are part of this newly formed task force. The list “prestigiousof CSA members getting involved in Matter is probably what will make you successful (if you come across one). It could be the same for this Connected Health Matter, whose name is not yet known. The Connectivity Standards Alliance only specified that dozens of companies were partners in the project. The next objective of the group is precisely to make other companies aware of the challenges of a unified standard in connected health.

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