How Toyota intends to save the commercialization of the bZ4X, its first 100% electric SUV

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Toyota plans to make a lot of tweaks for the first deliveries of the bZ4X. The Japanese manufacturer wants to save its first 100% electric SUV.

Toyota bZ4X // Source: Frandroid

Toyota is considered a pioneer in the field of electrification, having designed and produced hybrid vehicles for 25 years and with a solid reputation. Despite its experience with hybrid vehicles, however, the automaker didn’t immediately embrace all-electric vehicles and now seems compelled to do so. His new boss has the daunting task of accelerating the development of Toyota’s electric range.

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This forced march is done with pain, the first Toyota bZ4X compact SUV has several flaws, as we pointed out in our test. He suffers from many youth problems, and accumulates a setback. In fact, the first deliveries were initially scheduled for September 2022 and no vehicle was delivered in February 2023 in Europe. Worse yet, Toyota had to recall all units delivered to the United States to correct serious problems.

As Challenges explains, Toyota plans to do everything possible to successfully launch the bZ4X. The main objective is to improve autonomy.

Objective: improve autonomy before the first deliveries

To do this, the Japanese manufacturer wants to readjust the battery reserve. When the charge level displayed on the dash is the lowest, only 4% will remain in the battery, increasing “usable” range by approximately 8km highway and 12km highway. Also, for better readability, the dashboard will now show the battery charge level in percentage, which was not the case before. Toyota also plans to revise the average consumption calculation displayed on the dashboard, the initial calculation taking into account energy losses when charging the battery.

Toyota will also adjust the management of its heating system. In fact, the system overheats the passenger compartment, up to 2 or 3 degrees more than the required temperature. This obviously consumes power unnecessarily. The instrumentation interface will be revised in small touches, including some tweaks to promote more energy-efficient driving.

Toyota bZ4X // Source: Frandroid

Finally, the last point to address refers to fast charging. Currently, the bZ4X software limits charging power after two fast charging sessions within 24 hours. This limiter apparently only intervenes in high temperature conditions. From now on, the number of successive charges possible without limitation will be 3.8 in 24 hours. The end of charge will also be improved, from 80 to 100%, going from one hour to about 30 minutes.

If you order a Toyota bZ4X, and for those who have ordered your vehicle, you are guaranteed to benefit from these changes. The first deliveries are now dated June 2023.

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