How to watch TV from a second screen at home?

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Most internet decoder operators offer different ways to enjoy their TV packages from another home TV, either by adding a second decoder or a dedicated app. Here is an overview of the options available.

Did you just install a TV in your bedroom or bathroom (we don’t judge) so you can finally catch that Sunday night movie in bed or in the shower? Only, don’t you have your subscription TV channels on this second screen? Rest assured that today operators have fully understood this need and almost all of them offer additional options in their offers to satisfy it, this is usually called ” Multi-TV ». The latter is based on the rental of a second TV box. The other method consists, with a connected television or even your smartphone, in having access to the channels of your TV package without having to subscribe to another subscription, but here again there are disparities depending on the operators.

We will only talk here about the ways to watch TV from another TV and not about the mobile applications that we have already covered in another dedicated article.

How to have a second TV box in your operator?

If you don’t have a second TV connected, adding a second TV box is probably the best solution. This is where the famous Multi-TV option comes into play.

The latter is usually obtained on request. Therefore, it is necessary to subscribe to a corresponding offer with your Internet operator, which freely sets its prices. Please note that the price of the Multi TV option may also change over time. This option is usually the subject of a non-binding contract to be signed from the provider’s customer area.

Orange was one of the first operators to have launched this option 10 years ago. For 8.99 euros per month and without obligation, you have a second TV box to connect via Ethernet cable to the Livebox or via a CPL box. This way, you get all the services you have on your main TV without restrictions.

A second TV decoder for €8.99/month with no commitment from Orange

Bouygues Télécom also offers a Multi-TV option with the same price (8.99 euros per month) and the same conditions as Orange (minus the 10 euro activation fee). The box provided varies depending on the subscribed offer: Bbox Must and Bbox Ultym (VDSL) customers, as well as Bbox Must Fiber customers will receive a Bbox TV Miami set-top box and Bbox Ultym Fiber customers will receive a Bbox TV 4K set-top box.

Without a doubt, it is on the Free side where we find more diversity in terms of its Multi-TV option. The operator allows its subscribers to choose the decoder that best suits their needs with three rental models and a decoder to purchase offer. Everything happens from the Customer Area with prices ranging from 4.99 to 9.99 euros per month depending on the box chosen.

Finally, at SFR, we are more or less on the same idea as at Free with the choice of the decoder according to its offer, each with different characteristics (we highly recommend the Connect V2 box). Please note that this option is available free of charge for all SFR + TV box offers with a 24-month commitment. Otherwise, the offer is also available for an additional 3 euros per month without obligation.

At SFR, the price of the additional decoder is 3 euros per month, regardless of the model chosen.

How to watch free TV without the need for a second decoder?

With the appearance of connected televisions that allow easier access to VOD services such as Netflix, Prime video or Disney+, operators have understood that the era of TV decoders may be coming to an end. The offer is attractive, but it is not yet fully developed, as there are significant differences between operators.

Orange TV app

If you have an Orange internet offer or a mobile offer or internet + mobile Sosh, you can enjoy your favorite programs wherever you are thanks to the Orange TV application. This app is available on Android, iOS on the mobile side, as well as Android TV and Samsung TVs since 2018 via TizenOS.

Please note, however, that access depends on your subscription. As a Livebox + Box customer, there is no particular procedure to follow to take advantage of the Orange TV application, since you had direct access to it when you activated the services. Simply enter your identifiers from the mobile QR Code authentication to enjoy it as you want on your compatible TV or box. On the other hand, the story is different for customers who have not subscribed to a TV box, they must order a TV box or subscribe to the TV option for 5 euros more per month.

The OQEE application for free

Free was one of the first operators to completely dematerialize its TV interface. This service is accessible to all Fiber or ADSL customers. The application is available through Android devices, iOS, Android TV, Apple TV, on most Smart TVs on the market and on a web browser in addition to its Player Pop version.

Another advantage of this unified platform, in addition to access to 550 live TV channels, including the many Replay channels included: it also offers advanced features such as live control, reboot and remote recording. It is clearly the best provided application of all the operators.

Bouygues Telecom’s BTV app

Like all other TV solutions of this type, Bouygues has also caught up with its own app available on most platforms.

However, note that access to this application is only possible for the Bbox Must and Ultym offers, the only ones that offer the addition of a TV decoder. However, you can subscribe to the unlimited B.TV option with any subscription (6 euros per month) to broadcast TV from a Chromecast-compatible device or through the TV application.

The SFR TV / SFR Play app

Access to the SFR TV app is free for all SFR Box customers with a TV package (SFR Starter, SFR Fiber Power and SFR Fiber Premium). However, this application is only compatible with mobile devices, it is not available on any Smart TV in the market. Therefore, it is necessary to cast the TV from your smartphone with a Chromecast or AirPlay compatible TV. The Android TV version does not exist yet, but it can still be installed via its APK version. Keep in mind anyway that you will have to deal with the mobile interface that is not adapted to the TV format at all.

As for SFR Play (TV app using SFR Boxes interface), it was removed from Google Play Store some time ago and can only be found in APK version. Be careful though, as their support has also ended, the experience may be altered, or even impossible.

Our Fiber/ADSL comparator to enjoy TV everywhere

To go further and compare all the fiber / ADSL offers with these multiTV options, we invite you to consult our comparator of the best offers of the moment.


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